5 Exterior Garage Ideas For Successful Auto Franchises

There are so many exterior garage ideas for successful automotive franchises. For businesses that conduct vehicle operations, require auto storage, need additional indoor working space, exterior garages are an excellent option. These allow companies to promote accessibility, convenience, safety, and security. They’ll also benefit from increased storage space and lower insurance premiums.

For most people, a garage is just a place for parking their car. Therefore, its design is often overlooked. But if you wish to convert it into something more interesting, you will be able to equip a room in which everything will be at hand, and you can also relax and unwind after a busy day. But working on decorating the exterior of the garage is no less important. It has not only aesthetic but also functional significance, and, if done well, can really tie all of the buildings on the territory together.

Garage Space Planning

At the initial stage, it is necessary to think through the functionality of the area. If the garage has a large area, then you’re in luck, since it is already possible to place everything that you may need there. But if your garage is small and doesn’t have enough extra space, you will need to thoroughly plan out the limited space to make it as functional as possible.

The following structural elements must be present in the garage:

  • A Ventilation System
  • A Container With Sand, A Fire Extinguisher And A Sink
  • A Parking Space
  • A Heating System
  • A Sufficient Number Of Outlets
  • Water Drains With A Drain Grate
  • Racks In Which All The Necessary Tools Will Be Stored

Each zone needs to be thought out separately. To do this, you should consider the following steps:

  • Create A Schematic Drawing Or Blueprint To Visualize All The Structural Elements;
  • Decide On The Type Of Gate And The Way You Want It To Open;
  • Plan A Space For Parking The Car, Make Sure That There Is Enough Free Space For Easy Parking;
  • Decide Where The Sink, Racks, Workbenches And A Resting Place Will Be Located;
  • Select Suitable Materials For Interior And Exterior Decoration.

After that, all you have to do is calculate the costs that will be required to equip the garage, and after that you can start building it. All these elements are essential if you are looking to make money flipping cars for repair.

Exterior Cladding Of The Garage

The choice of the exterior cladding of the garage will determine not only its appearance, but also the ability to protect the building from the effects of ultraviolet radiation, precipitation, temperature fluctuations and other factors that may be harmful.

The most commonly used types of cladding are:

  1. Painting. This is the easiest and most affordable option. The paint can be used on any surface. The advantage of painting is a huge selection of shades. And if you choose emulsion or acrylic, you will be able to get a reliable and durable coating for your garage. The painting process itself is also simple. No special tools or skills are required to complete it.
  2. Plaster. This type of exterior cladding can be called a classic. Its advantage is the availability and low cost of the necessary materials. Additionally, the plastered surface can be painted or coated with another type of finish.
  3. Lining. It can be made of plastic or wood. This finishing material is able to reliably protect walls from negative impacts and helps to keep the wooden garage warm. Having chosen a wooden lining, it is necessary to additionally process it with special solutions that can protect the material from pests, rot and other damage.
  4. Stone. This cladding option looks best. The stone is able to withstand temperature fluctuations, the negative influence of ultraviolet rays, precipitation and other factors. But on the other hand, the only downside is the high price. To save money, you can purchase artificial stone.

When choosing the exterior of the garage, also consider the appearance of other structures on the site (main house, utility rooms, gazebo). They should all look harmonious.

The Original Exterior Of The Garage

The main purpose of the garage is a place to store a car, catch theft, as well as the negative influence of external factors. But some owners prefer to approach its design in an extraordinary way, creating a unique and stylish exterior. To make your garage really stand out, consider the following tips:

  1. Playing with colors and shades. If you choose paint as an exterior finish of the garage, you can paint it in a solid color or play with different shades. You don’t need to hire a painting contractor or artist. The image can be abstract or geometrical to achieve a modern look.
  2. Unusual shapes. A hemisphere garage, a building with beveled corners – all these are ideas for creating unique garages. Of course, you can rarely find such a garage. So, if you wish to have a uniquely shaped garage, most likely you would have to build it from scratch. It will look interesting, as long as the garage fits into the overall design of the yard.
  3. Stylized design. You can experiment not only with the shape and color, but also with the style of the garage. It can look like a forest hut, an old medieval castle, etc. Moreover, the garage can be made in the same style as the main house, or it can differ from it to really make it stand out.
  4. Disappearing garage. Some owners want to hide their garage from prying eyes. This can be done by creating a hidden garage with a platform that lowers your car underground. But such a garage will be very expensive, since it will require the use of special equipment, an elevator, etc.

An original garage of an unusual shape is rather a whim, since it carries much more than just basic functionality or practical use. But if the owner prefers to surround themself with extraordinary things, this decision is quite justified. This article lists only a few options for decorating a garage exterior. In fact, there may be many more. It is enough just to show some creativity and not be afraid to bring the idea to life.

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