5 Fun Company Event Ideas To Promote Employee Collaboration

There are several fun company event ideas to promote employee collaboration. Team-building events are essential for your business’s overall health. As an office manager, you know that corporate games and events are a powerful tactic to elevate performance levels and facilitate personal growth. These events can also foster better communication and collaboration among team members. Team-building events are popular among businesses celebrating a milestone or embarking on a large project. Company events can help your team obtain a more productive group mindset and even help resolve tension in the workplace. Read on to discover fun company event ideas to promote employee collaboration.

Office Trivia Night

Office trivia night is a great way to bring employees closer to once another so that you can improve collaboration in the workplace. You can also challenge your colleagues’ brains in ways that don’t typically apply to their everyday jobs. For office trivia, break the company into two or more teams and then offer rewards to the team that scores the most points. If you want, you can even write your own questions. Typically, trivia is structured with categories containing four or five questions from each category. Sometimes, there is also a bonus round. You can let employees bet their point amounts on questions to increase their level of interaction and get them engaging in discussions. Office trivia night is one fun event idea to bring your team closer together.

Volunteer Day

Moreover, a company volunteer day is a great way to develop a productive group mindset. During office hours, you can plan a community service trip for your company to do some positive work together. Not only does this give back to 501c3 organizations, but employees also spend quality time with one another. To boost employee interest, you can have them submit volunteer ideas to a suggestion box. Then, each quarter you can pull an idea and go spend a few hours giving back to the community. This can help to give your employees a sense that they are making a difference in the world. It can also help them see the good in one another. Volunteer day is a positive way to enhance productivity by planning a day for your team to work closely with one another.

Office Olympics

Hosting an office Olympics is another creative idea to build teamwork in the workplace. With the 2020 Olympics being postponed, your employees may be looking for an outlet for their competitive energy. Now, the wait is over. You can structure your office Olympics to be similar to a field day outside with sporting events and tournaments. Alternatively, you can feature office-themed events such as wastepaper bin basketball or a snack-themed skit competition. Consider decorating the office to get your employees in the full Olympic spirit. The office Olympics are a fun way to engage your employees and get them to work together.

Team-Building Challenges

Team-building challenges are a fun way for colleagues to problem-solve together in the workplace. For example, consider the turning over a new leaf challenge. In this game, employees stand together on a large sheet of fabric. Their task is to flip the sheet at the bottom, so the bottom side is facing up at the end of the exercise. No team member can step off the sheet at any time or carry one another. This requires your employees to come up with a collective strategy and cooperate efficiently to carry it out. Therefore, it works well to improve strategic leadership skills on your team. Team-building challenges can improve group productivity by giving your employees an opportunity to strategize together.

Employee Scavenger Hunt

An employee scavenger hunt is another fun way to get your workers collaborating towards a common goal. Typically, in a corporate scavenger hunt, you prepare a list of interesting things your groups need to collect or complete. There might even be clues leading them to find certain objects. On the other hand, you can tailor your office scavenger hunt to your colleagues’ interests. For example, you could organize a geocaching scavenger hunt. This is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS devices. While it works best outdoors in large spaces, you could modify it to take place right in your office. Either way, your employees put their heads together to solve clues and use navigational skills. An employee scavenger hunt is another fun event that can strengthen employee relationships.

There are many fun corporate event ideas to strengthen employee collaboration. For instance, you can host office trivia night to promote group discussion and engagement. Volunteer day is another way to help your team develop a positive team mindset. With an office Olympics, you can utilize the nature of competition to bring your employees together. In addition, team-building challenges are a fun way to improve strategic leadership within your team. Furthermore, employee scavenger hunts can build upon your employees’ collaborative problem-solving skills as they grow closer with one another. Consider these fun company event ideas to strengthen employee collaboration in your business.

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