How To Use Gamification Platforms To Motivate Employees

Gamification platforms improve business performance within all industries. As a business owner, you strive to enhance work quality in all areas of your company. Such a task cannot be achieved easily since every employee learns and advances in different ways and paces. Thus, even the best employee handbook does not have all of the answers. You do not have the time or energy to motivate employees individually either. Fortunately, you do not have to with gamification platforms. Continue reading to discover how to use gamification platforms to motivate employees.

Communicate Clearly

The first step toward motivating employees with gamification tools is to address a communication plan. Consider the main goal of each tool and understand that they will vary per department. Content writers cannot have the same goals as sales representatives. If you present each department with the same tools, you will not achieve in motivating each employee. Instead, plan out effective ways to communicate your campaign to individual business departments. Create a clear and concise call-to-action so that workers understand what they are expected to do from the start. Then, you can begin using gamification platforms to motivate employees.

Implement A Game-Like Onboarding Process

Use gamification platforms to motivate employees during the onboarding process. To do so, create a game-like procedure. For example, companies who onboard through the same design as a gameboard succeed. Set new employees up on a digital map. To advance through the map, require the completion of various learning activities. Follow information sessions with online quizzes. If they pass a quiz, they move further along on the board. HR professionals benefit from gamification platforms since they provide so much assistance during the onboarding process. HR managers have more time to complete onboarding paperwork when businesses use gamification platforms. The process is simple yet effective for motivating new hires.

Use Learnerboards

Another gamification platforms tool worth using is the learnerboard. Learnerboards keep track of the most successful employees. While this gives you insight into who your best employees are, it also creates friendly competition between workers. If a sales representative sells a record amount of products in a certain time span, they will show up as number one on the leaderboard. All employees below him will feel motivated to beat him out in the following weeks. This cycle will continue regardless of who is on top. As a result, both motivation and business performance soar.

Take A Level/Title Based Approach

Business owners also boost motivation and performance through taking a level/title based approach on gamification platforms. Think of all of the video games that provide users with the goal of “leveling up”. Such games drive users to complete tasks quickly in the hopes of leveling up before competitors. Use the same tactic to intrigue your employees. Present tasks as missions that, upon completion, level up employees. Whichever employee reaches the highest level first, earns a badge. Rather than only offering one badge per task, allow other employees to earn different badges upon completing their work. They will feel a sense of accomplishment that will motivate them. By using this technique on gamification platforms, you also expedite project completions through increased motivation.

Give Users Something To Lose

Additionally, always give your employees something to lose on gamification platforms. Workers can benefit from understanding that although it is great to earn gains, it is more important to prevent losses. Apply this notion to gamification platforms for every department of your business. Marketing professionals must understand the importance of continuously intriguing old customers. In the same way, managers must grasp how crucial it is to keep experienced, hardworking employees happy. Award employees who do not lose valuable company components. In doing so, you inspire them to continue their good work. Furthermore, employees feel a sense of motivation when they have to work to not lose something. Because of this surge of motivation, gamification platforms act as one of the best productivity hacks.

With gamification platforms in place, you can promote better employee performance through motivation. To begin, develop a clear plan for communicating the purpose to each employee. Then, consider how you can expedite the onboarding process by making it game-like. Use learnerboards to create friendly competition among workers. Approach certain processes with a level/title approach to make learning new techniques fun and educational at the same time. Finally, give workers something to lose within every task. Use these tips to motivate employees with gamification platforms.

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