Top HR Gamification Examples Of Successful Onboarding & Recruitment

Gamification of a variety of business processes is becoming more widespread than ever before. Human Resources is one of the areas of business that is witnessing the most applications of gamification techniques. If you want to see some of the best examples of gamification, keep reading. These HR gamification examples can definitely help make your department a whole lot more enjoyable for all employees.

PwC Recruitment

One of the most famous examples of gamification comes from PwC recruitment processes. The company now uses a game, called Multipoly, that simulates the first year of work as a PwC employee. This has helped to increase their recruitment rates tenfold. The Multipoly game allows job applicants the opportunity to test whether or not they are ready for a job at PwC Hungary. This is certainly a winning example of successful gamification of HR.

Xerox Management Training

Xerox offers an excellent example of training gamification used successfully, despite news about the latest rounds of Xerox layoffs. The company uses game mechanics to train new managers in the Stepping Up application. Trainers have to apply learned skills in real world on-the-job activities. These quests as they are called can even be worked on as a team with other colleagues, allowing employees the ability to improve collaboration on their own. This is one of the best examples of training gamification that you will find.

SAP Career City

SAP Career City is another example of enterprise gamification that allows new employees to navigate a simulation game. Unlike like Multipoly, the SAP Career City game is used during the onboarding process for new employees. This uses gamification to help them learn the job responsibilities they need to know. That is different than PwC Multipoly, which is used to narrow down a huge pool of applicants. SAP Career City is an excellent example of the gamification of onboarding employees.

US Army Promotion

The US Army offers one of the best gamification examples for promotion and recruitment. The United States Army uses a first-person shooter game to allow prospective recruitments to test out their soldier abilities. This recruiting gamification has been quite controversial, however, unlike project manager certifications games. This is due, at least in part, to the violent nature of the game. Unfortunately, that is the name of the military game though. Despite criticism, it has still proven effective in increasing recruitment numbers. This is an excellent example of effective gamification for HR departments to consider.

Keas Health Management

Keas is an employee management program that enables any company to gamify employee wellness. The company allows employees of participating companies to receive awards for not using sick days or for achieving project goals. This is an example of gamifying the workplace for all employees, not just for recruiting or training purposes, which makes it unique. If you are considering gamifying a business, Keas is the perfect example of how easy it can be.

HR departments are tasked with managing the many stages of employment for all workers. That requires HR managers to stay up to date on all the latest HR trends, like gamification. These examples of gamification demonstrate how effective these new recruitment and onboarding strategies can be. Consider modeling similar programs at your own organization or recruitment company after the gamification examples mentioned above. Your supervisors are sure to be happy with the results, and so are you.

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