5 Impactful Direct Mail Marketing Services To Establish Brand Recognition

Direct mail marketing services are one of the most effective strategies to help grow small businesses. If you have just opened your own small business, you need to establish a local business presence in order to generate leads. Otherwise, your new company will not survive the first year of business. There are many different types of direct mail marketing materials you can utilize to grow your business. Find out the most effective direct mail marketing services to expand business revenue below. That way, you can survive the first year of business and beyond.

Design Services

Many direct mail marketing solutions include design services as a part of their business offerings. These are some of the most impactful marketing tools you can use to grow your business. As a new small business owner, you may lack the marketing expertise it takes to design effective mailers or creative advertising ideas. With direct mail marketing design services, you can benefit from the advice and strategies of a certified marketing expert. They can help you design a direct mail marketing strategy that effectively reaches your target audience. In addition, they can help with physical direct mailer designs to make them the most eye-catching for your audience without breaking the bank. Small business owners would be wise to capitalize on these direct mail marketing services and solutions.


Rackcards are some of the most effective direct mail marketing materials. Marketing rackcards are extra wide vertical or horizontal mailers. With rackcard mailers, you can use glossy or matte cardstock to advertise your business to local consumers. These mailers are some of the best options that will stand out to consumers when they go get their mail. It will typically be the largest piece of mail a consumer receives. That helps to ensure that they actually notice the mailer and read through them in their entirety. In addition, rackcards can be used to offer customers coupons that will help generate business for your company. This makes them one of the most effective direct mail marketing services to grow small businesses like yours.

Free Tools

The best direct mail marketing companies will provide you with free design tools to create the most effective marketing mailers. As a small business owner, you probably lack the business capital it takes to invest in your own marketing design technologies. Thus, it important to take advantage of the direct mail marketing design tools offered by top providers. These tools allow you to use templates to easily design marketing mailers that deliver real results for your business. Or, you can use these mailer design tools to design your own marketing mailers from scratch, if you feel confident in your own abilities. Businesses that use the free design tools offered by top direct mail marketing services are much more likely to generate leads to experience business success in the first year.


Direct mail postcards are one of the most cost-effective marketing materials for small businesses with a tight budget. Postcards are cheap. You can make them even cheaper by sticking with thin, matte cardstock and using minimal color in your marketing mailer designs. You can then use these cheap marketing mailer materials to send coupons to customers. Or, you can just use them to build brand awareness in your local area by including contact information and your hours of business operation. Regardless of what you choose to print on marketing mailer postcards, they will be some of the most cost-effective marketing materials for your business to invest in.

Interactive Mailers

Some of the most effective direct mailers are interactive. These direct mail marketing services take so-called “junk mail” to the next level. They provide an enjoyable, engaging experience to marketing mailer recipients. Some interactive marketing postcards include scratch off features that allow customers the chance to win a discount. Other scratch off marketing postcards can be used to make recipients engage with your material in order to learn what your business is all about. Interactive postcards are a good marketing strategy because they are engaging, exciting and fun for consumers. New business owners with the marketing budget for more costly direct mailers should certainly consider investing in these services.

All new businesses owners have to market their business effectively in order to survive the first year. Direct mailers are some of the best, most cost effective marketing materials to grow your business and build brand recognition. The direct mail marketing services detailed above are some of the most effective tools you should consider using. Design services, rackcards, design tools, postcards and interactive mailers will help you reach your audience with engaging marketing materials that do not just get thrown in the trash. Use these marketing strategies, and you are sure to be able to watch your business grow for many years to come.

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