5 Jobs You Can Get With A Business Degree In Healthcare

There are various jobs you can get with a business degree in healthcare. Healthcare is one of the most rapid growing industries around the world. In fact, employment in this industry is set to rise more than 30% by the end of the decade. This is because of the aging baby boomer generation and their demand for health-related services. Therefore, the medical field is actively looking to fill management positions to oversee important patient and health services. As an aspiring healthcare professional with a business degree, there are endless employment opportunities to consider. Read on to discover jobs you can get with a business degree in healthcare.

Healthcare Executive

First, you can become a healthcare executive with a business degree. Companies, including major hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, are hiring professionals to run business efficiently. More so, they want professionals to solve business process issues. Most employers require medical executives to have a business degree with advanced management, accounting abilities and communication skills. As an executive, you would have to direct various medical departments, create orderly schedules and manage business finances. Plus, your job allows medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to optimize their duties. For example, more patients can be seen and treated with the correct management style. On average, a medical professional makes more than $60,000 a year. Certainly, you can become a healthcare executive with a business degree.

Quality And Improvement Manager

Secondly, with a business degree, you can become a medical quality and improvement manager. Of course, you may need to acquire additional certification to be considered. Healthcare facilities are constantly looking for professionals to confirm business operations comply with current care expectations. You would oversee ongoing processes, conduct an evaluation and determine if tasks meet the required standard. If operations are not up to par, you need to provide techniques and methods for improvement. Plus, you might be asked to lead workshops and seminars to update other medical professionals on new practices. On average, quality improvement managers earn a little more than $90,000 annually. Definitely consider becoming a healthcare quality and improvement manager with your business degree.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Next, with a degree in business, you can be employed as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Medical organizations are searching for business professionals to successfully promote their pharmaceutical products. Typically, pharma sales representatives are in charge of advertising one specific medication. Responsibilities include extensive knowledge of the drug, its benefits and potential risks. As a result, you can efficiently promote the medication, increase business and improve profits. The average base salary for pharmaceutical sales representatives is about $65,000 plus a commission income of about $20,000. Surely, you can become a pharmaceutical sales representative with a business degree.

Compensation Manager

Of course, you can become a medical compensation manager with a business degree. Since there is a high demand for healthcare professionals, employers are looking for managers to oversee payment options and run payroll. For example, you would be accountable for planning, developing and supervising compensation programs for employees. More so, you are responsible for monitoring market conditions, government relations and competitive trends. Therefore, you can determine a fair and prevalent salary for all employees in the health facility. The median yield for a compensation manager is more than $100,000 a year. Definitely consider using your business degree to become a healthcare compensation manager.

Social And Community Service Manager

Finally, your business degree can help you land a position as a medical social and community service manager. Medical employers around the world are looking for professionals to help with the healthcare social work business. You would have to communicate with coworkers, patients and social workers to establish supportive programs. For example, you can develop a social service strategy or coordinate with community organizations. Therefore, patients that are veterans, homeless or abandoned can receive medical care and treatment. The average salary for social and community service managers is around $70,000 annually. Of course, you can become a medical social and community service manager with a business degree.

There are several jobs you are qualified for with a business degree in healthcare. First, you can become a healthcare executive who manages various medical departments, finances and business connections. Secondly, use your business degree to become a quality and improvement manager to ensure medical operations comply with current standards. Next, you can become a pharmaceutical sales representative and improve business by effectively promoting company-specific products. Of course, you can get hired as a compensation manager to track trends and determine fair wages for medical employees. Finally, you can become a social and community service manager and implement your business knowledge to establish service plans for veterans, the homeless and children. These are a few healthcare job opportunities you can look into with a business degree.

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