How To Land The Career of Your Dreams And Love What You Do

Are you working at a 9 to 5 job doing things everyone else seems to be doing? Do you wish you could be doing something more fulfilling? If you answered yes to both questions, you’re probably looking to land the career of your dreams. If you’re unsure how to attain a position that you thought may be out of reach, the following tips can help you prepare.

Take A Self-Assessment Test

Your role as a personal assistant may pay the bills. But it may not be the position you wish to hold in the coming year. If you’re not quite sure what you want to do, a self-assessment test can help you determine your dream job based on your interests and skills. You may also want to use the Internet to research careers. Once you find jobs that hold your interest, look into the educational courses that are required for your job field. A career counselor can also prove beneficial if you’re wondering how to get into a particular employment setting.

Put Together A Strong Case

Once you’ve determined your dream career, you want to put together a strong case for yourself. You can begin by putting together a resume that lists your past employment history. You’ll also need an introduction letter to address the company’s that you’re sending your resume to. If unsure how to write a cover letter that will capture your prospective employer’s attention, you may want to enlist the help of the Internet for assistance. Here you’ll find the do’s and don’ts and templates that you can tweak to suit your specific industry. If you find yourself lacking in experience for your dream job, don’t be disheartened. Take the current skills you have and any educational experience. You can then apply them towards the new position. If you have management experience, this can take you far in a number of other careers.

Ease Slowly Into Your New Position

Although you may want to go full steam ahead into your dream job, ease into new the position slowly. If you’re still holding a job presently, look for part-time work in this new field. You may also apply for an internship on the weekends. As you become accustomed to the work, you can relieve yourself of the other duties without missing a paycheck. It also allows you time to determine if that passion for your dream career will hold.

Test The Waters

If you have a family to raise and bills to pay, you may be hesitant to leave the safety of your current position, even if your job is far from satisfying. But being afraid to try something can leave you in a dead end position. You can test the waters of your dream job in ways that allow you to move a step closer to your dream career. Begin by networking with people in the related field and ask about employment opportunities. You may also benefit by attending trade shows or conferences to get a feel for the work and positions available.

It’s Never Too Late

When you’re in your twenty’s and thirty’s, you have a lot less responsibility and more job flexibility. But it’s never too late to switch careers, even if you have a family and bills to pay. Your partner may be able to shoulder the burden for a bit until you get your feet back on solid ground. You may also want to downsize or curb your expenses while you’re changing careers. Whatever you have to do reach the goals of doing something you love, don’t quit until you’ve succeeded.

Set Realistic Goals

Even if you’re finally secured your dream job, there’s no such thing as an ideal setting. There are pros and cons to every employment opportunity. The difference is finding a field that even on its worst day is going to hold interest for you. Your work should engage your intellectual intelligence as well as your emotional intelligence so that you can really connect with what you are doing. This will lead to great fulfillment and satisfaction in your life. Since you have to work, you might as well love what you do.

Achieving Success

Once you’ve put the effort and work toward achieving your dream career, your job search hasn’t ended. If you get an offer from a company, don’t give in to their demands immediately. Employers typically expect an employee to negotiate a starting salary and vacation days. You may also want to explain the reasons why you’re worth more. When you’re happy with the terms and conditions reached, it’s okay to accept their offer.

Keep Networking For Positions

Many of the best dream jobs already have fierce competition before they are even posted. There are internal candidates, competing talent and regular applicants. However, you can stand out by getting know people who are in a position to hire. Or, even if you meet people who are in a good company, that networking could lead to a tip on your dream job coming up. Even if you have found the perfect position for you right now, there is no reason that looking to land the career of your dreams should end at any point. There will always be new dreams and goals to go after.

Starting a job search in a field that you’ve always dreamed of can be an exciting prospect. But before you embark on this new adventure, there are steps you’ll need to take to prepare for this different course. You also want to ensure that you have the money and resources available to make your journey a smooth transition.

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