How Live Streaming Can Improve Your Customer Engagement

Video streaming is a huge industry with over 500 hours of video content uploaded to platforms like YouTube each minute. Live video seems to be the next frontier, though live streaming struggled to gain popularity over the years. But with popular social media platforms launching their live streaming tools, live videos are steadily finding their way to consumer screens globally.

Streaming live videos is an excellent way for brands to connect with their audience in real time. It is all about allowing your customers to engage with your stream so that they can be a part of your conversations. Share your face, voice, and opinions. Answer the questions of your audience live. You can integrate live streaming to your sales and marketing process to give your audience what they want: a transparent and self-serving customer experience in real time. As it can be seen, over half of the audience prefer watching live streaming video via social media. Therefore, you can give your target audience a better customer experience by engaging with them via live streaming.

Targeting Modern Audiences

Live streaming offers a great opportunity for active user engagement. Additionally, it is a real-time viewing experience and suits modern audiences who are on the go. With almost all social media giants offering live streaming integrations in their platform, the number of brands adding live streaming to their marketing strategy is increasing. They succeed in reaching millennials and Generation Z audiences via the live streaming integration on social media channels. If you are wondering how to create a live video streaming website, you must understand the trend shift happening in the industry to know your audience better.

Expected Growth

With all the advancements happening in social media, live streaming is already positioned to get even bigger. Experts see this as a structural shift taking place in the entertainment industry-From TV to watching shows online. However, it is not just with the younger audience, it’s happening for 100 million viewers including all age groups. While the shift is gradual, it is real. Considering all young, old, poor and rich- everybody has access to smartphones equally, the number is keeping its steady pace. Here are the reasons why live streaming is here to stay and will keep growing in the future.

Increased Internet Access

With each year passing by, the number of people having access to the internet is exponentially increasing. This current trend will bring in a considerable increase in the number of live streaming content. People in the emerging economy have smartphones and laptops connected to cellular networks. This means creating videos, uploading and sharing it to websites, and viewing video content becomes easier.  Additionally, there is an increase in internet speed, too. These days, the bandwidth of fast internet connection is a thousand times more than what we had a few years back.

Consumers Prefer Video

In this era, the current trend is that people are shifting from consuming text and pictures into live streaming videos. Since most consumers own brilliant smartphones and devices with great displays, consuming video content is quite easy. For this reason, individuals succeed in making money on YouTube by creating quality video content. The content marketing world is witnessing new strategies being introduced that make for effective marketing campaigns. The fact that the videos are much easier to register in one’s mind than the text content makes it preferable. When your viewers can remember what you are trying to convey, they will also remember your brand. That is exactly why you are seeing an increase in the number of Live video streaming software being released.

Create A Community

Additionally, marketing professionals build communities around their brands through live streaming. After all, each live stream that you publish allows every consumer watching to engage with not only you in real-time, but also their fellow consumers. In this way, live streaming creates a tight-knit community consisting of customers who share the same interest in your brand. While customers think of themselves as a big community, they form a customer base for your brand. The connections that you create through your video streaming processes engage consumers.

Numerous Platform Options

Another major benefit is a sharp increase in the number of platforms that offer ways to consume videos. Fifteen years ago, none of these platforms existed- Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Today we also see the rise of streaming services like Netflix. Most of these choices are either completely free or have affordable pricing plans. As the industry matures, it becomes easy and cheap to trans-code, store and distribute. In addition to the platforms themselves, marketers now have a good supply of tools to use on social media channels. You can use tools such as Facebook Analytics to continuously improve your customer engagement efforts.

Viral Capabilities

It is true that 90% of the people who watch videos on their mobile devices will share it with others. It is much higher than the figures you will get with text content. When compared to a text post, people are more likely to engage and interact with a video post or a live video. That makes live streaming supremely powerful as it is more likely to go viral and reach millions across the globe.

Better Brand Awareness

Again, 80% of people can easily remember the contents of the video they watched as long as several months. Can text content really boast similar statistics? Not really. This is the one significant point which gives live streaming an edge over other types of marketing strategies as it combines two impactful media- Pictures and audio. To make your videos extra memorable, keep them in line with your brand strategy.

Looking to start your live streaming business or grow your already existing business? Live streaming is the way to take it to the next level. Live streaming is on the rise with social platforms, contributing so much to its growth as a whole. Viewers are frequently watching video content on their smart devices and tablets that has forced many businesses to change their approach. If you want to launch your Live video streaming software, there is no better time than today.

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