3 Main Communication Methods To Best Serve Your Customers

Technical support primarily has three different ways to provide the kind of service that the client needs. It is either by Email, Telephone or Live Chat. Each of these media has it’s good points as long as it matches the nature of your service or product.

What you have to remember is that you need to choose the most convenient customer support system for your clients. The more comfortable they are, the better. But, how will you determine which system is best for your organization? Read the rest of this article to find out the advantages of the three primary methods – email support, phone support and live chat support.

Email Support:

  • This is the least expensive type of support since you won’t be needing any more equipment like telephones. This system is best for companies who have customers all over the globe.
  • With this kind of support, your people do not have to be at the office 24/7.
  • Your customers can email you anytime if they have a request or if they need a solution to your product, which isn’t that urgent.
  • With Email support, it provides a written solution to your questions and suggestions to your requests. Plus, you can always go back to it for reference since it the instructions are explained clearly.
  • A good email service or system is flexible, and it doesn’t necessarily require an immediate response.
  • Your representatives will no longer have to worry about their distinct foreign accent

Live Chat Support:

  • Live Chat Support is also a cheaper type of support. Like the email support, it doesn’t require you to get any telephone equipment. It is also applicable to companies who have clients globally. And the customers can also receive free help from your representatives through live chat.
  • The difference with Live Chat and Email is that the customers can immediately get a reply, especially if they need the answer A.S.A.P. There won’t be any waiting time for the clients.
  • This form also creates reliability and trust since the help customers will be pacified immediately and that they have a feeling that they are important.
  • Your Customer Service representatives can also gather all the essential information quickly and write a quality response to customers in the form of an essay. Similar to EssayLab, your representative can write a professional response that doesn’t take too long.
  • It is also easily recorded even though the chat support is escalated to the supervisor. Through this medium, the conversation can be reviewed and improved.
  • This is a big time saver. Plus, the representatives will be able to focus on one customer at a time.
  • The representatives also don’t have to worry about changing their distinct native accent.

Phone Support:

  • The phone service for small business support provides real-time assistance. The representatives can immediately answer any requests or questions.
  • This is most convenient for customers who are in a hurry to get a reply. Once their need is pacified, they relax and feel that they are essential. This way, they trust you more and know that your company is reliable.
  • The representatives can immediately verify or ask any necessary information about the client.
  • Most of the clients are familiar with the phone support, and they are most comfortable when they can just call, especially customers who aren’t so knowledgeable about the current technology.
  • A helpful, friendly voice of the representative can almost always calm the irate customers.
  • With phone support, you don’t have to worry about the internet being cut-off in the middle of the operation.

These three forms of support are merely here to fit whatever your client demands. The reliable way to go is to have all three methods of customer support service to cater to different clients. After all, all of your clients are different and thus have different preferences.

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