A List Of Major Industries Worth Investing In For The Long Term

Many investors know that the key to success is in diversification. By investing in multiple different stocks, especially in varying industries, you improve your chances of success and reduce your risk of losing all of your money should something go wrong. That is the key to investment success, according to experts like Jupiter Asset Management. In order to do this, take a look at our list of major industries to invest in.

Aerospace Defense

Aerospace Defense is one of the major stock market industries that you should consider investing in. There are two sectors of this industry that you may wish to consider. Aerospace Defense major diversified and Aerospace Defense products and services are two possible areas to invest in. You cannot go wrong with either sector, however. Defense spending is something that you can always count on being generously accounted for in any U.S. government budget, unlike an education franchise. You should certainly look into investing in aerospace defense companies.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality took the reigns as the next big technology trend quite recently, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. VR devices from Sony and Google created a buzz upon their release. Currently, other companies, such as Microsoft, are following suit. As more content and hardware gets released, the more profitable this industry will become. You do not need two factor theory to tell you that. This is a great investment option if you are looking for a list of major industries to invest in. Do not underestimate the power that virtual reality business investing holds.

Health And Wellness

Health and wellness is becoming a major consumer industry. With everything from beauty and nutrition included in this sector, it is an excellent choice for someone who wants to add variety to their portfolio. Among the list of major industries, health and wellness promises significant growth with services like medical transcriptionists in high demand. There are also plenty of medical device industry trends that companies are following for business growth. It is well poised to become the next trillion dollar industry. If you want to diversify your portfolio, this one is definitely worth considering.

Travel And Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is perfect for the investor who is willing to take risks. While airline industries can often fluctuate, they make for a promising addition to your portfolio. Currently, hotels and tourism are booming. Companies like Flighthub, AirBnB and the Marriott have shown significant growth in the past year, making this industry an enticing option. Travel and tourism is ideal for more seasoned investors who are looking to grow and expand their reach in the stock market.


The automobile industry is undergoing major changes, which is why it is best to join in now. Technology is changing the way that people travel. High tech cars like Tesla are helping to make driving safer and more stylish. Best of all, these high tech improvements are trickling down to less expensive vehicles as well. Rear and side view cameras have already made a significant impact on how people drive. Now, car companies are looking toward the next big thing: driverless cars. Take a chance on the automotive business industry and invest now. You will be glad you did later.


One infallible industry that you should invest in is the Internet. Because it has become so ubiquitous to our society, it is safe to say that this stock will stick around and continue to grow. On the list of major industries, the Internet is one of the most profitable. There are so many invention ideas that will continue to change how the webs works. With over 20% growth last year, this is the ideal choice for the investor who wants to play it safe and still succeed.


Finally, consider investing in robotics for the long term. This sector makes this list of major industries worth investing in because robotics directly connect with other promising industries to invest in. For instance, robotics and artificial intelligence are directly linked. The same goes for the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning. Many experienced investors evaluate the top robotic ETFs regularly. Keep this in mind when choosing industries to invest in.

Choosing what industries to invest in can be tough. However, it is important to keep diversification in mind. By looking at a list of major industries and choosing the most successful ones, you can find companies and organizations that will make your portfolio a real money maker.

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