4 Ways To Make Employees Aware Of Their Rights And Privileges

Your employees play a crucial role in the growth and success of your organization. Aside from the benefits that the company provides, your staff is also protected by federal and state-mandated labor laws. As an employer, your role does not end by merely complying with these laws and regulations. It is also your role to make employees aware of their rights and privileges in the workplace.

Why Awareness of Privileges And Rights Is Important

The law mandates all employers to follow applicable labor rules and regulations on employee rights and privileges. For employees, they also have the responsibility to be aware of their duties and rights in the organization.

  • Raising your employees’ awareness of these policies and regulations is crucial because:
  • To enjoy the rights and privileges stated in federal laws and state regulations, your employees should understand the conditions of their employment.

Your employees should be aware that the company is also protected by complying with labor laws. In essence, the law protects both employers and employees per the applicable labor laws. If your employees are aware of their rights and privileges, you are also protected as an employer since specific terms and conditions bind these rights and privileges.

4 Ways Employees Can Be Made Aware of Their Rights And Privileges

As an employer, there are several things that you can do to make sure that your staff knows and understands their entitlements as an employee. Here are the best ways to ensure employee awareness and compliance.

Develop A Comprehensive Employee Handbook

Every organization must write an employee handbook to make known all company policies as well as the rights and privileges they are entitled to. This document helps prevent misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the rules and regulations within the organization. The employee handbook is used as a guide for the company’s operating procedures, guidelines, rules, and benefits. As stated in the labor laws, it should also highlight the benefits and rights of every employee. Employee handbooks are typically given to staff upon commencing work with the company. Ask employees to sign an acknowledgment as proof of their acceptance of the handbook.

Schedule Regular Employee Orientations

Employees usually attend an orientation or briefing with the company before starting their work. It is best to schedule meetings and orientations when an important update or amendment is made to labor laws that apply to them. A town hall meeting is an excellent time to discuss new or amended labor laws. Allot time for the discussion of new regulations and let the staff ask questions for clarification. Each meeting that discussed new labor rules and regulations should be appropriately documented by asking employees to sign an attendance sheet. When properly followed, these sheets create better business attendance. Changes to labor laws may warrant the update of the company’s employee handbook. It will not be cost-effective to reprint employee handbooks every time an amendment affects the company policies. A memo can be sent out to each department to inform the staff about the new system. Ask employees to affix their signature on the notice and attach a copy in their 201 files to denote compliance.

Utilize Labor Law Posters

Labor law posters contain employment law notices on a state and federal level. These posters should be displayed conspicuously on areas frequented by employees and multiple business outposts. Choosing a reputable labor law poster provider is crucial to ensure that all notices are updated every time a change in labor laws occurs. Working with a reliable labor law compliance expert helps simplify the procurement and displaying of compliance poster products. Failure to post workplace posters can result in penalties or citations. Labor law posters should meet specific sizes, colors, and font requirements. With the help of a compliance poster provider, you can have peace of mind that all your employment notices are up-to-date and displayed promptly.

Ask Employees To Sign An Employment Agreement

Employee agreements or contracts are helpful for both parties – it protects the rights and privileges of the worker and allows your company to clarify what the employee is entitled to. Signing an employment agreement is a declaration that the staff understands what they are entitled to in terms of working hours, pay, benefits, and others. Take note that the employment contract should be fair and adhere to applicable federal and state labor laws.

Raising awareness and regularly updating employees of the changes in the labor laws benefit both the staff and the organization. One of the simplest but most effective methods of informing employees of their rights and privileges is by using the services of a reliable labor law compliance expert. Be sure to constantly follow employment law changes to consistently monitor your compliance. Businesses can ensure their workers’ awareness and compliance with the help of a labor law compliance company.

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