Manage Leased Employees Effectively For A Positive Startup Experience

Professional Employer Organizations, or PEOs, provide services that can be very enticing to entrepreneurs who are just starting to get business operations off the ground. These organizations take care of all the heavy lifting that comes along with finding qualified candidates, onboarding new employees and managing them thereafter. This provides considerable benefits to entrepreneurs who need to hire employees for the first time. However, working with leased employees requires some know-how if you want to make sure to get the most out of these workers. You will have to go the extra mile to make leased employees feel dedicated to your business objectives. Find out how to manage leased employees to get the best bang for your buck and turn your first business into a successful venture, below.

Understand The Legal Aspect

Legally speaking, leased employees are quite complicated. Co-employment law spreads employer liability between your business and the PEO. Most of the liability rests on the PEO service. However, there are some cases where your business may be responsible for certain aspects of employment. Make sure to do thorough research on the laws surrounding PEO services and co-employment. This way, you can prepare your business to avoid disaster down the road.

Make A Handbook

Make an employee handbook specifically for leased employees. This handbook should include all the usual information that is included within employee handbooks. In addition, it should also include a specific section for leased employees. This part of the handbook should address any questions leased employees may have about retirement benefits, management, payroll and more. This way, your PEO employees will always have something to reference if they get confused or need some guidance.

Identify Supervision Structure

Devise a supervision structure before bringing a leased employee onboard. Typically, coemployment services will have some type of field supervisor to manage leased employees. However, they will also need supervision at your organization. Set up some type of management structure that can maintain accountability for these temporary workers. Make sure these supervisors are also well-learned in co-employment procedures. This way, your leased employee feels valued and taken care of, and your business benefits from high-quality work from a highly-productive employee.

Bond With Field Supervisors

Build a rapport with field supervisors responsible for managing leased employees at your business. These field managers act as a direct connection to the professional employer organization. Building a good relationship with them pays off. This relationship can give you access to quick responses to your most pressing questions or concerns. It can help you get problems resolved quicker. Being nice is never a bad thing. Having a point of contact beyond their free professional email address is never a bad thing either. Bond with PEO field supervisors to build your professional network and manage leased employees effectively.

Get To Know Leased Employees

Take time to get to know your temporary employees. These leased employees may not be around for long. But, that does not mean that they should be treated any differently than other employees. You never know when a professional connection will come in handy. Leased employees will also be easier to manage when you have a good relationship with them on a personal level. They will feel more connected to your business and thus your business objectives if they feel connected to the business owner. This will provide benefits that can be evidenced in higher productivity levels and high-quality work.

Entrepreneurs can learn a lot when hiring an employee for the first time, whether you are starting a law firm or a real estate business. Hiring your first employee will take a mountain of work and lots of research. But, sometimes it is just easier to use a PEO service. A professional employer organization can help you find the best leased employees to work at your business. You just need to know how to effectively manage leased employees in order to get the most out of these services. Use the tips for managing leased employees mentioned above. These strategies will help you get temporary workers to feel dedicated to your business objectives. That will also help you have a positive experience working with a PEO. So, make sure to utilize these tips once you hire your first leased employee.

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