5 Marketing Chatbots Strategies That Will Drive Sales

Marketing chatbots are one of the largest forces directing the future of digital marketing. Computer programs can be used to automate certain simple tasks, such as chatting with users via a conversational interface. As a result, many marketing professionals are free to focus on issues that require more complex thinking. As a marketing professional, you may be overwhelmed by the myriad of potential uses for chatbots. Read on to discover the best strategies for using marketing chatbots that will drive sales.

Lead Generation

One marketing chatbot strategy that will help drive sales is using it for lead generation. There are several chatbot lead generation tactics to improve your digital sales. This is ideal for businesses based on clients, because the bot’s automation allows your sales team to focus more on pursuing the leads than generating them. In addition, the process of programming a chatbot for lead generation is simple. Many come pre-built with basic questions such as asking for contact information as well as what a consumer needs help with. Many forms of social media make it incredibly convenient for a consumer asked these questions to input a response. Therefore, implementing a marketing chatbot on social media will generate leads without the need for constant monitoring of your business’s accounts.

Personalized User Experience

A third marketing chatbot strategy that will help drive sales is creating personalized experiences for each user. Consumers everywhere love personalization. In fact, 71 percent of customers prefer personalized ads. Chatbots can be used to personalize user experiences by programming them to take relevant data from users. They do this by showing the user several options, and tailoring results to the user’s choice. As a result, the consumer’s experience is personalized every step of the way. Also, simply asking for customers’ details such as names and locations can personalize their experience even more. Surely, personalizing users’ experience with your marketing chatbots is a great way to drive sales.

Social Media Quizzes

Another marketing chatbot strategy that will drive sales is quizzing your brand’s social media followers. Simply post a question, ask your audience to comment their answers, and have the bot directly message them responses. However, the question must be more complex than a simple yes or no. This is a great way to drive sales because the bot is starting conversations as well as building relationships with your consumer base on your brand’s behalf. In addition, various social media platforms will push posts with a lot of engagement, so your brand will potentially reach more consumers. Since your bot is driving sales on social media, this is also a cost-effective solution. As a result, your chatbot has increased customer engagement with your brand and driven sales just by asking a simple question.

Digital Concierge

The fourth marketing chatbot strategy that will drive sales is to set your chatbot up like a concierge. This will allow consumers to take various actions without leaving their app. These actions could include browsing products, booking appointments, or even “testing” products using augmented reality. This helps to drive sales under the simplicity with which consumers can perform these actions. In addition, the bot can help drive brick-and-mortar sales under this strategy by telling users where there are available products and bookings based upon their location. Therefore, the presence of all these actions in one place will drive sales for your brand.

Customer Service

Finally, one more strategy for marketing chatbots to drive sales is to use them to automate customer service tasks. Using chatbots is an excellent way to run a business with great customer service. This helps to increase sales by quickly solving any issues consumers may have, therefore building their trust with your brand. Customers tend to spend more with brands they trust, and may even become brand ambassadors without any input on your part. In addition, the chatbot can be programmed with your brand’s frequently asked questions. Customers will benefit from instant automated answers to their questions. This will enable a customer service team to spend more time answering more complex questions, further increasing consumer trust in your brand. In fact, implementing a marketing chatbot for customer service will drive your sales exponentially.

Many brands have been driving their sales numbers up through the use of various strategies involving marketing chatbots. One great strategy to use for this purpose is to automate lead generation using a chatbot. Another sales-driving strategy involves using a bot to engage audiences via questions and responses. The third strategy for driving sales uses a chatbot to personalize users’ experiences. A fourth strategy involves using your chatbot to automate various consumer-focused tasks such as browsing products and booking appointments. Finally, programming your chatbot as a customer service agent is a great way to drive sales by building consumer trust in your brand. When deciding on a strategy to drive sales using marketing chatbots, consider the points mentioned above.

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