5 Free Twitter Lead Generation Tactics To Maximize Sales Volume

Generating leads has never been easier since the advent of social networks. Twitter, in particular, is an excellent social media platform for generating leads for business. However, you have know how to use it effectively, especially since Twitter lead generation cards are no longer supported. Find out strategies to generate leads on Twitter and take your professional sales career to the next level below.


The first thing to do once you create a Twitter account for marketing purposes is to build a relevant audience. Marketing is all about establishing your market positioning. Follow active accounts that are relevant to your industry and your product or services. Engage with them frequently so that they then follow you back. Once you have built up a relevant following that is more likely to be interested in what you are selling, you will be better able to generate leads from Twitter.


Twitter lead generation strategies too often rely on the use of hashtags – too many hashtags. Using hashtags is a great way to generate leads on social media. However, too many hashtags can distract from your content and links. Instead, try to use just one single hashtag. Choose the most relevant hashtag you possibly can by doing some social media marketing research prior to posting. This will help you get the most out of your attempts at lead generation on Twitter.

Landing Page

Create a landing page with the specific purpose of gathering information on potential Twitter leads. Include this landing page link in all of your lead generation tweets. Also be sure to include it in your pinned tweet, in particular. Creating a landing page will allow you a way to generate leads on Twitter now that the old lead generation cards are no longer supported. You can include information about your product on this page. Or, you can choose to create an email sign-up form. Make sure you take advantage of this Twitter leader generation cards alternative. It will help increase your chances of conversions from Twitter.


Twitter is a useful lead generation tool when you use it to participate in relevant industry conversations. Engaging in industry Twitter chats will help you build a relevant following for your account. It will also help you identify potential leads within each conversation. If you use these Twitter chats well, users will click over to your profile and see your pinned tweet with your Twitter-specific landing page. This could have a huge impact on the effectiveness and success of your Twitter lead generation strategies. Make sure to take the advice.

Advanced Search

Twitter advanced search features make it easy to identify potential leads on Twitter. All you have to do is enter in your product type and “recommendations” or “looking for” keywords. This will help you find tweets where users are looking for exactly the product you are selling. Obviously, this will help you find qualified leads on Twitter that you know are interested in what you are selling. Additionally, it will help you outperform the competition by getting the customer as quickly as possible. A single reply tweet with a link to your landing page is much easier to compose than an entire sales email. Make sure you take advantage of the advanced search capabilities on Twitter to make the most of your lead generation tactics.

If you are a sales professional, you know how difficult it can be to generate leads. We all need a little marketing help sometimes. Social media has made lead generation strategies simpler than ever before. However, Twitter lead generation has been a bit more difficult since the old Twitter lead generation cards were axed. Thankfully, the Twitter lead generation techniques mentioned above are sure to help you generate qualified leads on social media with minimal effort. Make sure you give them a try. Your sales volume figures will definitely show the fruits of your efforts.

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