4 Mistakes To Avoid After A Workplace Injury

Workplace injuries are not uncommon in contemporary life, and a lot of employees get injured in their day-to-day work. These are pretty common when setting up an engineering business. Sadly, dealing with the pain of an injury can be stressful and disheartening, especially if it interferes with your ability to work and leads to expensive medical treatment.

Understanding what to do when you suffer a workplace injury can significantly boost your chances of securing the compensation you deserve. Here are four common mistakes you should avoid after a workplace injury.

Not Reporting The Incident To The Employer

It’s easy not to be concerned about reporting your workplace injury to your employer, especially when you think you aren’t seriously injured. However, it’s essential that you do so, even though you feel the injury isn’t serious enough to report to OSHA. Failing to report the incident to your employer as soon as possible can increase the chances of your workers’ compensation requests being denied.

You have to notify your employer within a given time frame to get state-funded worker’s compensation benefits, including lost wages and medical care coverage. Laws vary from one to another, but you should give your employer a well-written notice of a workplace injury within 30 days.

Failing To Hire A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

Another major mistake you can make is trying to handle your workers’ compensation claim on your own. Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be intimidating and may make you feel helpless and isolated. The insurance company can also exploit your inexperience to deny you the settlement you deserve.

Therefore, it’s good to hire a skilled lawyer to help you navigate this complicated legal process and advocate for your rights. A Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer can help you review your case and ensure you have all the documents your need to get the benefits you deserve.

Not Seeking Immediate Medical Attention

Regardless of how small your injury is, you should seek medical care immediately after the work injury and discuss it with your healthcare provider. Failing to seek immediate medical attention can hurt your claim and may make it impossible to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Be honest with your doctor and accurately describe your pain during the visit. The more details you give, the more likely your healthcare provider will offer proper treatment for your injuries. A medical consultation also helps collect essential evidence for your claim.

Posting About Your Work Injury Claim On Social Media

Exposing intimate details about your workplace injury can be a big mistake, especially if you plan to sue your company. For instance, the photos or information you post on social media get noticed on Instagram and might be used against you as reasons to deny or underpay your claim.

Even if you increase the privacy on your profiles, the insurance company may snoop around the social accounts of your family members and friends. Therefore, be careful about what you say and the photos you post on social media. However, it’s good to avoid posting altogether, even if you don’t think your post has anything to do with your work injury claim.

Being injured at work can be stressful, especially when you decide to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Worker’s compensation cases are complicated, and a simple mistake can cause your case to be rejected. However, as long you avoid these common mistakes, there is no reason why you shouldn’t win your case.

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