How To Create A Modern Corporate Giving Program

There are several steps to create a modern corporate giving program for your organization. Corporate giving programs allow companies and employees to give back to their communities. They benefit a company’s image, improve employee engagement, and help those in need. The benefits of corporate philanthropy have remained the same over the years. However, the way in which companies give back has been changing in recent times. Before you can launch a successful corporate giving program, there are several key steps you must follow. At the same time, the best corporate giving programs keep your employees engaged. It is important to keep up with current trends so that your giving program remains effective. Read on to learn how to create a successful, modern corporate giving program.

Allow Employees To Choose Charities They Care About

When creating a modern corporate giving program, it is crucial to give employees the option to choose charities they care about. Most employees donate to causes that are personally meaningful to them. If your employees do not feel a strong connection with the causes supported by your program, they are unlikely to donate. The best way to ensure employee enthusiasm is by allowing them to donate to any charity they want. Otherwise, you can take surveys to determine which charities your employees are most interested in. Either way, it is important to offer more than one donation option. Having multiple options allows you to engage a larger number of employees. By allowing employees to choose charities they are interested in, you can create a successful corporate giving program.

Provide Volunteering Opportunities

Providing volunteering opportunities is a great way to make your corporate giving program effective. Many modern employees are interested in volunteering their time instead of just donating money. Giving them volunteering opportunities allows them to support a cause directly and be part of the solution. There are a variety of ways to reward employees for their volunteerism. Some of these include paid time off for volunteering, company volunteer days, and volunteer grants. Volunteer grants are given to nonprofits based on how much time employees spend volunteering for them. Whichever method you choose, volunteering is an essential part of a corporate giving program.

Spread Awareness Within The Company

To ensure your corporate giving program’s success, have a plan to spread awareness of the program within the company. One of the biggest issues managers have with giving programs is that employees do not know about them. Many employees are open to donating their time and money to worthy causes. However, these employees will not know about volunteer and donation opportunities if a giving program is poorly advertised. To avoid this problem, make spreading awareness a priority. You can send emails, post signs, and hold informational meetings. However, you decide to inform your employees, remember that employee participation is the cornerstone of an effective program. There are several additional tips to increasing participation across all of your events. For this reason, having a plan to increase awareness is an essential part of a modern corporate giving program.

Give Employees A Chance To Lead

A giving program that offers employees leadership opportunities is often successful. This is because giving employees a say in the program is a great way to get them engaged. Additionally, employees can develop professionally in a low-risk environment. They can improve their leadership abilities, learn new skills, and expand their networks. Your giving program can help employees advance their careers while helping others. It is also a good way for you to spot potential leaders. The employees leading a group of volunteers may one day be leading a group of company workers. By giving employees leadership roles, you can create an effective corporate giving program.

Get Feedback

The most important part of creating a successful corporate giving program is listening to your employees. If you are struggling to engage employees, ask them about what they want in the program. Employees are the driving force behind a modern corporate giving program. They need a good reason to give away their own time and money, and your job is to understand what those reasons are. Proper communication between you and your employees is crucial to creating a successful program. For this reason, it is important to provide your employees with an easy way to give feedback. You can hold meetings, encourage employees to email you with questions and concerns, or have a suggestion box. Having an ongoing dialogue with your employees is the best way to ensure employee engagement. By getting feedback from employees, you can make sure to address their needs and run an effective corporate giving program.

If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to create a modern corporate giving program. Quality corporate giving programs help you remain a community minded business. By allowing employees to choose charities they are passionate about, you can get them engaged. Furthermore, you can provide volunteering opportunities for employees who want to be more hands-on. It is also important to spread awareness within the company. Additionally, you can give employees a chance to lead. Lastly, getting feedback from employees is immensely helpful. Your modern corporate giving program will succeed if it adheres to these five recommendations.

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