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If you are the proud owner of a tech startup or other small business that is looking to finally make the switch from your home-based operation to a real business office, the first thing you are going to need is office partitions. Regardless of whether you want to create an open office design or the traditional cubicle office layout, partitions are still necessary to maintain privacy and confidentiality for important meetings, discussions and conferences. If you are looking for the best places to buy office partitions and other office solutions, like commercial roofing, take a look at our picks below.

National Business Furniture

National Business Furniture is an online retailer of office furniture and accessories. If you need office partitions, choose from an array of vinyl and fabric panels and dividers. In addition to office room dividers and freestanding panels and partitions, the company also sells modular office workstations. If you can afford it, National Business Furniture also offers office design services to make your business look its best. Consider this office partitions retailer if you can afford to spend a little bit more for a huge selection of office interior design solutions.


Quill is another excellent place to buy office partitions and dividers for your startup or small business. Business owners can set their price limitations, so you do not blow through all of your business funding, and scroll through all different wall panel system types and brands. The Quill website also offers the added advantage of offering useful product ratings and reviews to help you pick products that are sure to be worth the investment. If you value the opinions of fellow shoppers looking for office furniture, consider visiting the Quill website.


LOFTwall is a company offering innovative office partitions and office design solutions. These so-called LOFTwalls are build-to-order office dividers that feature a wide array of sizes, customizable panels and finishes. You may be familiar with their award-winning BLOX design. LOFTwall products are made in the USA from 75% recycled goods. If you want to create an innovative office space with the help of a socially conscious business, consider designing your office walls and partitions using Loftwall.

CFR Direct

CFR Direct is the perfect place to buy office partitions for business owners on a tight budget. You can browse a wide selection of used office partitions and other pre-owned business furniture and accessories. Whether you need panel dividers, cubicles, workstations, storage, seating or any other miscellaneous office furnishing, CFR has a budget-friendly solution for you. In addition, the company offers office furniture refurbishing to help your used office furniture look brand new. If you do not have much money to spend on office workstations and the like, shopping at a used office furnishings company like CFR direct is the perfect solution to leave you some money leftover for a live answering service for your business.

If you are a small business owner read to move into a real office, you are going to need to design a beautiful office space that proves your legitimacy and professionalism to both potential employees and clients. Buy office partitions, workstations, cubicles and other office furniture and supplies from one of the online retailers mentioned above. You are sure to find the furnishings you need at a price you can afford. ​

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