5 Online Billing Software Features For Fast Customer Payments

Online billing software has a lot of underutilized features. As a financial manager, you can take advantage of these features to effectively handle financial operations. You can use these features to lessen your workload. Read on to learn about online billing software features.

Automated Billing

Automated billing is one of the most basic features of online billing software. You can set up your online billing software to automatically send bills to your clients. You no longer have to worry about sending out bills at the right time. This feature has various options such as recurring payments and automated payment reminders. Keep in mind that bookkeeping is also beneficial. Automated billing saves time, letting you focus on other financial matters. Automated billing also reduces payment delinquency. You can also automate other workflow options to make your job easier. Automated billing is one of the most useful online billing software features.

Invoice Customization

Invoice customization is a powerful feature of online billing software. Invoice financing can improve your company’s financial situation. You can use invoice customization to offer personal discounts or adjust bills as needed. Many managers don’t realize that they can adjust the appearance of their bills. You can improve the appearance of your invoice to wow your customers and clients. Use invoice customization to put logos, icons, and brands on your bills. Invoice customization offers you cheap marketing options in addition to quick billing. Use invoice customization to use your online billing software’s features to the fullest.

Report Generation

Report generation is an online billing software feature that is useful for recording customer habits. Some online billing softwares can generate reports of when a customer has paid. You can use this feature to predict your cash flow. Adjust your notices accordingly. If you observe that a customer normally pays late, you can send them reminders that their payment is coming up. If you see that your client hasn’t paid in a while, you can cut off services until they pay their bills. You can also set the software to search for trends. Use these trends to plan your financial management. Maximize your online billing software features by using report generation to learn pertinent information about your customers and clients.

Built In Accounting

Some online billing software come with a built in accounting feature. This feature compiles a list of bills that have been paid. You can also look at when these invoices were paid, as well as the amount. Using this feature can save you money on an accountant. You can also manually record these invoices for taxes. The software can also generate and email a tax statement for you. When using this feature, feed the proper tax information into your software. This way you can adjust the statement for your tax form. This feature, along with accounting software in general, is phenomenal for keeping records for your business. Built in accounting is an underused feature of online billing software.

Debtor Management Support

Debtor management support is an advanced feature of some online billing softwares. If you notice that a client hasn’t paid, you can connect your software to a creditor app. The billing software will export the appropriate contact information and unpaid bills. You can also use the software to send the information to traditional collection agencies. This option is extremely useful for your business if you have a high delinquency rate amongst your customers. This is an unfortunate side effect of any growing business. You should use your reports and automated options to discuss with your customers before enforcing these options. Use this online billing software feature to get paid on time, or collect what you are owed.

As a financial manager, you should use every tool at your disposal to improve your business. Improve your businesses’ image with automated billing and invoice customization. Bolster your financial records with report generation, built in accounting, and debtor management support. Don’t rely on outdated tools, use your online software’s features to make your life easier.

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