5 Online Restaurant Reservation Systems Criteria To Revamp FOH

Restaurant reservation systems elevate the customer dining experience. As the owner of a restaurant business, you can use this technology to drive more traffic to your eatery. Busy customers, in particular, prefer to eat at restaurants that offer online reservations because they save time. Thus, you need to invest in a reservation system in order to meet these customers’ expectations and fill up your open tables. Read this post to learn the top online restaurant reservation systems criteria to revamp your front of house (FOH) operations.

Wait List Management

One of the best online restaurant reservation system features to look for is wait list management. This feature improves FOH operations because it provides you with accurate wait times for customers. When a customer accesses an online reservation platform, they do not jump right into booking a table. They want to know how long the wait will be before making a commitment. With a wait list management feature, you can provide customers with an average wait time. This gives consumers the information they need to plan out their nights. It also enables you to offer better restaurant management services. If you want to improve your customer experience, purchase an online restaurant reservation system that offers this feature.

Website Booking Widget

The best restaurant reservation systems also offer website booking widgets. A website booking widget allows customers to access your online reservation solution right from your site’s homepage. This feature is key to increasing convenience for customers. They do not want to search for a third-party website in order to book a table at your eatery. Make the process as simple as possible by allowing them to make a reservation right from your homepage. Offer this beneficial feature by investing in a restaurant reservation system with a website booking widget option.

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Furthermore, computing cloud infrastructure is a key criteria in restaurant reservation systems. A cloud computing infrastructure allows you to maintain a high level of security on your reservation solution. The cloud technology can protect customer data from hackers. In the least, customers input their names and phone numbers when using reservation systems. Some systems also require customers to put their credit card information in to hold tables. If you want to avoid leaking this information to unauthorized parties, you need to invest in a restaurant reservation system that has a secure cloud infrastructure.

Functional Mobile App

Top restaurant reservation solutions come equipped with functional mobile applications as well. Mobile apps increase the convenience of booking a reservation for customers. While some people decide on a restaurant before leaving their house, many want to book reservations while they are on-the-go. These on-the-go customers do not have access to their computers. They rely on their smartphones to make reservations. Offer these customers instant results with a reservation app that connects directly to your booking system. That way, you can attract more busy locals and increase restaurant sales.

Custom Reservation Types

Finally, purchase a table booking system with multiple custom reservation types. A great deal of customers have a specific type of table in mind when they make a reservation. When booking a table online, customers cannot usually state their specific wants and needs like they can over the phone or in-person. You can, however, allow customers to make specific requests online if your system has a custom table type feature. This feature allows you to create templates for various areas of your restaurant. Customers can choose from dining room, patio and bar seating when making a reservation. Give your prospective customers what they want and take your FOH to the next level with this online reservation system feature.

In order to elevate the customer dining experience, you need to invest in a quality restaurant reservation system. Include wait list management in your list of criteria. Purchase a solution with a website booking widget so customers can reserve tables right from your site’s homepage. More so, you need a solution with a secure cloud infrastructure to protect your customer’s confidential information. Functional mobile apps meet the needs of hungry, on-the-go customers as well. Lastly, custom reservation types improve experiences for restaurant customers. Drive traffic to your location and revamp your FOH with these online restaurant reservation systems criteria.

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