5 Online Spreadsheet Uses To Better Manage Employee Teams

Managing employees is far simpler when you have the right management tools. Thankfully, you do not have to spend a whole bunch of capital to find the best management tools to help you do your job. If you are a manager and need a bit of help, online spreadsheets are one of the most basic management solutions available. Managers have been using them for many years now. Find out below how you can use an online spreadsheet to better manage your employees.


With an online spreadsheet, you can easily create employee timesheets. This helps you become a more efficient manager. Digital timesheets can be automatically sent to employee email addresses. They can also be stored digitally, which helps cut back on paper waste at your business. Online spreadsheets can be used to create an employee timesheet. Consider doing this if you want to increase management efficiency and help your company go green.

Team Collaboration

Online spreadsheet software allows for more team collaboration. This is a crucial component for managing a team effectively throughout all business strategies. Previous spreadsheet software options did not offer this management perk. New editions are entirely cloud-based, however. This allows for your entire team to collaborate on a single document at the same time. To improve meetings and your overall management skills, use can use the collaboration tools included in digital spreadsheets solutions.


Spreadsheet tools can help you improve your organization skills, particularly when it comes to tracking your most important information. Not all managers are innately organized people with great memory capabilities. Thankfully, you can use an online spreadsheet to keep track of your usernames and passwords. This makes certain that you will never forget important account information. Just be sure to password protect the document. That way, your privacy and security cannot be compromised. For those in need of some improvements to their organization, use a spreadsheet online to become a better manager.


Tracking things via digital spreadsheets can provide useful management insight. This insight can give you a much better idea of employee or team performance overall, like it does at Netflix International. It can also help you make much better and well-informed business management decisions. However, all of this is only possible if you use online spreadsheet features to track and organize data. Keep this in mind to help you better manage a team of employees.

Keep In Touch

Spreadsheet tools will help you and your team members better keep in touch. You can use digital spreadsheets to list and organize contact information for team members. This way, everyone knows how to get in touch with one another. It is important for managers and their employees to have open communication. It is equally important for team members themselves to have open communication as well. That is only possible if everyone knows how to reach out to everyone else. Make that possible with a spreadsheet online. This way, you can improve your abilities to manage your team and foster good business communications.

Business management processes require the use of the best business technology. It is not all fun and motivational games for staff meetings. Sometimes, some of the best business tools are the most basic. Online spreadsheets are a new digital business solution that has many uses for management. Consider the different ways digital spreadsheets can improve your management abilities detailed above. Then, decide whether using a new online spreadsheet creation tool is right for your team.

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