5 People Management Software Features To Boost Performance

HR teams use people management software to simplify their everyday tasks. As an HR manager, you have numerous duties to perform on a daily basis. If you want to minimize them so that you can be more productive, you need to invest in a quality software system. Then, you can improve employee engagement and get your other tasks done at the same time. Read on to discover the top people management software features to boost performance.

Applicant Tracking

Applicant tracking is a must-have people management software feature. With a system that offers applicant tracking, you can expedite your recruitment process. Rather than spending hours trying to organize the applications coming in, your software system can track them for you. You can discover the best candidates in less time. Moreover, you can avoid wasting your valuable time on the wrong candidates. Instead, you can hire candidates that will increase your employee retention rates. This people management software feature boosts HR performance by minimizing the recruitment process for HR professionals.

Performance Reviews

Another software feature to look for is performance reviews. The best software systems offer HR managers a variety of possible reviews. They include 360 degree, managers and self reviews. You can compare all of these types of reviews to gain a better understanding of where each employee really lies. In addition to this advantageous factor of the performance review feature, you also receive a question builder. HR managers use it to create review documents. If you want to keep employee reviews safe and organized, find a people management software system with a performance reviews feature.

Employee Onboarding

Look for a people management software system that offers an employee onboarding feature as well. HR managers spend a decent amount of their time finding top candidates to fill open job positions. Once they finally find good fits, they have to put more time into onboarding the new hires. Since each employee learns and works differently, it can be difficult to onboard multiple workers at once. That is where this feature comes in handy. You can put your time and energy into other HR tasks. Your system will provide new hires with training videos and welcome emails. Search for this people management software feature to purchase a top-notch system.

Engagement Monitoring

Since employee engagement is a crucial element of any workplace, you need a people management software system that monitors employee engagement. While you can do what motivational speakers do, the outcome may not be as positive. With an engagement monitoring feature, you can survey workers’ motivation levels easily. The software provides you with pre-built survey templates. After employees complete surveys, the software supplies you with insights and recommendations. If you act on these insights and recommendations, you can better your workplace in no time. With this being said, people management software systems that track workers’ engagement promote better HR performance.

Benefit Plan Management

In addition to the above people management software features, find a system that manages benefit plans. Software systems with this feature let HR managers keep track of every employee’s benefits. If one employee requests an increase in benefits after changing insurance plans, you do not have to spend time searching for their files. Instead, your software system can bring it up for you in seconds. Then, you can make changes you need quickly, satisfying employee needs in an efficient manner. Search for this people management software feature to keep your HR team and your employees happy.

Successful HR teams use software to complete tasks quickly and correctly. The best software systems track applicants so that you can hire the right employees fast. They also offer numerous types of performance reviews including self reviews and manager reviews. You can simplify your employee onboarding strategies by investing in a software system that offers onboarding tools. Engagement monitoring is also a useful feature because it offers HR professionals insights and recommendations for improvement. If you combine this feature with employee monitoring software, you can improve your results immensely. Lastly, try to find a system with a benefit plan management tool so that you can make changes quickly when they arise. Look for these people management software features to boost your HR team’s performance.

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