5 Considerations For Planning An Extended Business Trip

The business industry has changed drastically in the last year. Hybrid remote working, Zoom meetings and flexible working have become the new normal – replacing the traditional work office model. With this new style of working comes an entirely different approach to business trips and international travel.

In the next few years, there are likely to be far fewer business trips than in the past. When individuals do travel for business trips, they are likely to stay for more extended periods. Rather than flying back and forth, workers will probably remain in one location for several meetings in the same trip. Less travel is better for the environment and, in some cases, the traveler’s mental and physical health.

As well as meeting clients and holding conferences, business travelers will also need to do a bit of admin, office work and laptop tasks on their trip. They need to be comfortable and feel safe in order to improve workplace productivity. Here are three things you should consider if you are organizing a business trip for you or your employee.


For extended business trips, the accommodation needs to be comfortable and practical for the individual. Serviced apartments are ideal and more affordable as they offer flexible and comfortable accommodation. There is more space for cooking, doing laundry and sleeping compared to a standard hotel room.

In busy metropolitan cities, finding peace and quiet can be difficult in a small hotel room. Compare this to a serviced apartment in cities like London, which will feel more homely than a hotel room and give you more space to reside after a day of meetings. It may be good for the employee to feel they have a space to relax in when they are away from home.


Business travelers spend a large portion of time continuing their day-to-day work on a laptop when traveling. Having a suitable allocated workspace for their trip duration can help them have a more productive work life balance. You could hire a hot desk or benefit from the extra space in a serviced apartment.


More extended business trips require some form of transportation so the employee can get from A to B. It’s worth organizing this form of transportation in advance to save money, hassle and time. The traveler could hire a car if they can drive or use public transport to get a taste of local life. Public transportation may keep the cost down and make traveling around the city a little easier. You should thoroughly research the different travel options available before booking anything. In some instances, the public transport system may be inadequate and unsuitable for an employee trying to get around quickly.


Of course, take special considerations when packing for an extended business trip. For a start, it is important to bring along essentials like a toothbrush, cologne, and deodorant. These will give you a hygienic, put-together appearance at important business functions. In addition, you should pack key clothing items like business shirts, footwear, and undergarment. Simultaneously, you may want to bring along some electronics, such as phones, tablets, and especially chargers to help you remain productive on the go. Certainly, there are special considerations when packing for an extended business trip.

Day-To-Day Schedules

Moreover, think about the schedule you will follow on your extended business trip. Most extended trips follow a strict, rigid, and detailed agenda. A well-planned itinerary will help you, as well as your team remain more productive while traveling. Plan your schedule with key meetings, activities, as well as leisure time. Naturally, this empowers you to curate your schedule for optimum productivity. Of course, you should strive to keep your agenda somewhat flexible. This way, you can allot strategic time for the unexpected. Surely, day-to-day schedules are a key consideration when planning an extended business trip.

Business travel is an incredible perk of the job. You can see the world, meet new colleagues and enjoy different cultures. Remember to prepare accommodation and transport in advance so you can avoid any complications.

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