How To Partner With Private Label Protein Powder Manufacturers Successfully

With fitness and well-being at the forefront of everyone’s mind, there is an excess of protein powder manufacturers. As a business owner looking to get into the protein powder industry, there is no better time to act than now. However, you need to find a manufacturer to partner with. Your best bet is to outsource production to one of many protein powder manufacturers as a private label. To do this quickly and effectively, follow these steps on how to partner with private label protein powder manufacturers.

Determine Your Ideal Ingredients

The first step in partnering with private label protein powder manufacturers is to determine your base protein materials. There are roughly 6 main protein sources used by most manufacturers, with more obscure options as well. Your protein source will determine a variety of factors. On the manufacturing end, different protein sources will have different ingredient costs. From a sales perspective, egg and milk based proteins alienate potential vegetarian and vegan customers. Take these points into careful consideration as you begin to design your product. Once you determine your base protein materials, you are one step closer to partnering with private label protein power manufacturers.

Create A Proprietary Blend

The best way to attract the interest of protein powder manufacturers is to create a proprietary blend of ingredients. This will be a process of trial and error as you learn how different products interact with each other. Key results such as taste, texture, batch-to-batch consistency, and texture will be of utmost concern. Your blend will also only be as inexpensive and available as your ingredients are. Try to balance cost and availability with uniqueness. With a more proprietary blend of ingredients, your product will be more attractive to private label manufacturers.

Search For FDA Compliant Partners

Additionally, ensure the protein powder manufacturer you partner with is FDA compliant in their business practices. FDA approval is a sign of health and safety, which is important to those purchasing protein powder health supplements. Inquire if the manufacturer runs approved facilities and follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Accurate product testing and labeling is involved in the FDA’s approval process. This further ensures that an FDA compliant manufacturer will consistently put out quality product. To get the best out of your potential business, only partner with protein powder manufacturers who are FDA compliant.

Choose Optimal Packaging

Now that you have your ingredients and FDA-approved manufacturer, decide on optimal packaging. Consider which quantities you want your product to be available in. Is your powder low or high potency? Will a consumer purchase in gallon-increments, or would a 10 oz canister suffice? Keep in mind your packaging size and shape will influence shipping costs later. Regardless, the penultimate step in partnering with protein powder manufacturers is to establish your private label’s packaging.

Design Your Package Label

The last step before your partnership is official is to design a label for your protein powder. Your label is what will visually set you apart from the competition. Use the label to communicate everything that makes you the best source of protein powder. Be sure to follow the required FDA label regulations during the designing process. Your label is your brand, and you want the best brand possible. One of the advantages of working with a protein powder manufacturer is being able to work with their professional graphic designers. Once you have co-designed your award-winning label, you are ready to begin a lucrative partnership with protein powder manufacturers.

Knowing the steps to partnering with private label protein powder manufacturers is the best way to get into the protein powder business. Determine the base protein materials for your product. Next, create a proprietary blend based around your main source of protein. With a functioning product, seek out protein powder manufacturers who are FDA compliant. Come to an agreement on the size and shape of your products packaging. Last but certainly not least, design your own private label which you will sell your products under. With these steps, partnering with private label protein powder manufacturers cannot be any more straightforward.

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