5 Proposal Automation Tools Features For Winning New Clients

Proposal automation tools greatly benefit business sales. As a business owner, you may be considering such tools. Whether you are trying to maintain a successful online business or a franchise, you need these tools. They assist in making precise changes to documents and more. When done by humans, numerous errors occur. Those errors often lead to lost clients. Proposal automation tools ensure accuracy. However, they are not all created equally. Continue reading to learn proposal automation tools features to land new clients.

Electronic Signatures

Keep an eye out for the feature of electronic signatures within proposal automation tools. With the ability to sign electronically, clients have less time to consider other options. Once their excitement gets a hold of them, there is no going back. They can sign instantly. Furthermore, e-signatures are appealing to clients because of convenience. They are not required to print out the paperwork and fax it over. Look for “electronic signatures” in the features list of proposal automation tools.

Insight Discovery

Another beneficial feature of proposal automation tools to look for is insight discovery. With certain analytics, the right proposal automation tools provide potential client insights. The tools use various public documents to do so. Once you obtain such insights, you will be able to create a proposal specific to their needs, interests, and plans. Also, the tools find the insights far more quickly than a human can. Therefore, you will have a much higher chance of landing new clients quickly.


Tools that offer customizable notifications assist in improving sales as well. Notifications should range with the best tools. For example, you can see the time a potential client opens up your proposal. You can also get notifications regarding how long they spend reviewing the proposal and when they sign it. This feature can enable sales improvement. Imagine you get a notification stating that a potential client opened a document. Then, just a minute later, you get a notification saying that they closed it without signing. Since they closed the document so quickly, you can assume that they did not connect with your introduction. Then, your sales team can then work on improving that section of the proposal. You will be able to gain new clients in the future with proposal automation tools that offer notifications.

Effective Content Management

Effective content management creates a more productive sales team. With that in mind, only consider proposal automation tools that provide content management features. The best tools will offer the ability to build a large library. This library should be accessible by all members of your sales team. To ensure productivity, search for the ability to quickly respond to various documents. Such documents may include RFPs, RFIs, and Security Questionnaires. With a precise content management system, your employees will be able to get much more done. They can develop beneficial online communications skills. Also, they will have more time to land new clients.

Mobile Access

Finally, explore proposal automation tools that are mobile friendly. The ability to access proposal automation tools on mobile phones improves sales. Your sales employees’ jobs require a lot of travel. While travel agents can assist in planning, they do not provide much help in the sales department. Perhaps a great salesman of yours is away on travel. You need their help with a client immediately. Without it, you could lose the client. Rather than losing out due to your employee being unavailable, you have another option. With a mobile-friendly proposal tool, your employee can access important information and land the new client. Furthermore, consider when an employee receives new, important information. They can add it to the content library from their cell phones for the rest of the sales team to use. Opt for proposal automation tools that offer mobile access for the most efficiency.

As a business owner, you want proposal automation tools that assist in landing new clients. To achieve this, look for the best features. Firstly, consider e-signatures. Secondly, search for insight discovery features. The ability to set up notifications can improve sales. Great content management features can do the same. Lastly, mobile-friendly platforms provide workable conditions for traveling salesmen. These are all new-client-achieving features to look for in proposal automation tools.

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