6 Real Estate Law Firm Software Features To Look For

Real estate agents need to use intuitive and convenient law firm software systems in order to thrive. As a real estate attorney, you need an easy-to-use software program to optimize and streamline your day-to-day business. Though there are many programs to choose from, start by identifying exactly what you need. In this post, we will highlight key real estate law firm software features to look for.

Calendar Management

In a real estate law firm, a calendar management system is essential to managing your time. The best law firm software includes calendar scheduling, appointments and reminders. Many of these platforms directly integrate with Google calendar and Outlook. This feature will organize your upcoming meetings and appointments. Of course, when closing properties, your dates and deadlines are critical. With a calendar management system, you will never miss a deadline again.

Intake Forms Systems

Having an intake form system is critical to the growth and success of your real estate law firm. By using an intake form system, you will be able to add buyers, sellers, and guarantors. Furthermore, landlords, lenders, and tenants can manage leases and keep records of all of your transactions. This feature will help to streamline the process of taking on new clients, especially with much of the process being automated by filing out your firms’ information on each form. Your business would not be able to grow without a continued client intake. An automated intake form system will ensure that clients are sped through the process with ease. Combine a law firm software system with this feature and a business intelligence software solution for optimal productivity.

Task Management

When running a real estate law firm, a simple task management system will optimize your workflow. As you look for real estate law firm software, find a program with task management features. The best ones can assign duties to anyone in the office and set reminders for your employees. A good task management program will categorically organize your to-do list and make it clear which assignments should be prioritized. This keeps track of the tasks that have already been completed. It can also effectively perform employee tracking so that you know which tasks your workers complete as well. Accelerate your work flow by using a task management system.

Case Management

Using a case management system to stay up-to-date on your existing cases and their updates is vital to the performance of your real estate law firm. You should be looking for law firm software that provides an overview of all case information by linking client information, notes, updates, and bills to the appropriate cases. Many law practice programs offer easy cloud access and integration between other apps. With the proper integration for documents, files and data, you will be able to pull up any information that you may need, even if you aren’t in the office.

Client Portal

As an attorney for a real estate law firm, you should be using a client portal to stay in touch with those whom you are representing. You can take notes in their portals for improved meeting management practices. Additionally, a good law firm software system will offer a client portal so that you can work with your clients in a secure space outside of your office. In a client portal, a client can come to you with any questions or concerns that may have. They can upload documents and download responses. It will also enable you to reach out with any questions of your own. Software with this feature makes real estate law firms more accessible to clients and moves cases along faster.

Time Tracking

For a real estate law firm, it is essential for you to have a time tracking system in place to maximize your revenue. A time tracking system should be standard in law firm software, keeping record of your time spent working and billing clients even easier. A time tracking system could easily be paired with your calendar, automating the process. This feature will save you countless hours that would otherwise be spent manually tracking your billable hours and increasing your revenue while also being transparent with your clients. With a time tracking system, you will be able to capitalize on every moment that you spend working.

For your practice to be as successful as possible, find a real estate law firm software that fits your needs. The software should come with a complete calendar management system for important deadlines and dates. With a strong intake module, your software can organize key contacts and stakeholders. Moreover, these software offer task and case management workflows to streamline your day to day activities. This leaves more time for you to work on reaching out to clients through their own portals as well as bill for the hours spent on the case. The best law firm software offers these essential features to real estate attorneys.

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