5 Best Rent Collection App Solutions For Landlords

There are several best rent collection app solutions for landlords. Utilizing rent collection apps can simplify property management. These apps allow tenants to pay conveniently on time and provide tools for owners, landlords or managers. Most apps include features such as lease management, vacancy listings, and maintenance requests. As a landlord, you want an app that collects rent as scheduled and simplifies your management responsibilities. Also, you want an app that can help you find a renter. Read below to find the best rent collection app solutions for landlords.

Basic Rent Collection App

Basic rent collection apps are a top solution for landlords. You are not required to pay a fee for using this app unless you want expedited payments. To receive rent faster, you would have to pay about $3.00 per unit each month. In fact, tenants pay for other app costs such as background screenings and credit card payment fees. They also cover the cost of renters’ insurance. These apps supply a simplified property management program. Features include vacancy marketing, maintenance tracking and expense monitoring. Additionally, tenants can submit maintenance requests with photos and documents. Furthermore, you can communicate with your tenants through this software. Of course, basic rent collection apps are a popular solution for landlords.

Fast Paced Processing App

Next, as a landlord, you can use fast paced processing apps. Start by making a landlord account then enter the amount of money tenants owe for rent and additional fees. Tenants are given easy-to-follow instructions for their preferred payment method and how they want to be notified. They can schedule their first payment and access a receipt in their online dashboard once payments are processed. Payments are deposited directly into your linked account and will be processed in just three business days. However, for faster payments, there are options to transfer funds into your account the next day. These solutions offer features including property marketing, payment tracking and organized collecting. Certainly use fast paced processing apps to collect rent as a landlord.

Multiple Property Rent Collection System

Of course, there are rent collection systems for landlords with multiple properties. You can spread hundreds of units’ costs throughout this software. There are two plans, core and pro. Core plans provide $15 basic screenings, soft credit checks and applicant approval generated reports. Meanwhile, pro plans provide $18 premium screenings, hard credit checks and generated reports without applicant involvement. As a landlord with a large or multiple properties, you can receive a top rated rent payment process, maintenance tracking, advertising and lease tracking. Tenants can pay through credit card, eCheck or other online banking account. Additionally, you can allow your tenants to set up recurring payment dates.Certainly, if you are a landlord with a large portfolio, consider multi-property rent collection systems.

Money Transfer App

Definitely use money transfer apps for rent collection as a landlord. Using these solutions, you can request a certain amount of money each month from your tenants. These digital wallets link to bank accounts for simplified transfers. Receiving money from tenants and transferring it to yourself within 3 business days is completely free. However, you may have to pay an extra percentage to transfer the payment into your bank account instantly. Money transfer apps make rent payments simple and easy to access. You can track all received and sent transactions right on the app. While it doesn’t help manage your property, money transfer apps are popular when receiving money from tenants.

Secured Rent Collection App

Finally, as a landlord, you may want to use a secured rent collection app. Start by signing up for a free account, add the properties you own and then invite your tenants. These apps provide financial security by ensuring rent is paid when due and protect you against delinquent tenants. You are in charge of late and partial payments, such as a time limit before being evicted, so you don’t need to haggle with tenants. Your bank information is secured to reduce the risk of fraud. In fact, payments are processed through the world’s safest and largest financial institutions. You are promised secured rent collection, kind but firm rent payment policies and tools to manage your property. Certainly, use a secured rent collection app as a tenant to protect your property.

There are various top rent collection app solutions for landlords. You can use a basic rent collection app to receive payments free with features to simplify property management. Of course, use a fast paced processing apps to collect rent as soon as the next day. Next, consider multi-property rent collection systems to maintain hundreds of tenants’ costs and documents from a single place. Definitely use money transfer apps for a simple rent collection process with no hidden fees. Finally, by using a secured rent collection app, you can protect yourself against fraud and delinquent tenants. These are the best rent collection app solutions for landlords.

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