5 Requisite Questions To Ask Lawn Mowing Contractors

Even responsible business owners may not recognize the requisite question to ask lawn mowing contractors. Of course, the obvious queries will vary depending on the current condition of the office grounds. As you walk around the property, notice if there are any weeds, flower gardens and trees. Also, observe if there is a sprinkler system in place and how much sun covers the space. Compiling this information beforehand will help when you meet with a lawn care specialist. However, covering the basics are only a fraction of what you should expect to learn. Business owners should prepare to find the top lawn care companies for commercial use with the requisite questions to ask lawn mowing contractors.

Licensing Requirements

The licensing requirements for landscapers differ from state to state. In fact, many states do not require lawn mowing contractors to have a license for basic services like lawn cutting and tree pruning. If this is the case where your office is located, be aware that you will need to ask if there are any local licensing requirements. Additionally, there are other licenses that may be necessary depending on your lawn care specialist’s scope of work. For example, if your landscaper also works with pesticides, a commercial applicator license may be mandated. The bottom line here is that business owners must be educated about landscaper licensing requirements. Doing so will help safeguard your office grounds and protect employees. 

Point Of Contact

When hiring a lawn care specialist, it is important to inquire about your point of contact with the company. Certainly, it is possible that there may be more than one. After all, the person maintaining your property may not be the same as the billing contact. Moreover, you will need the contact for verifying the liability insurance that is necessary for contractors. Business owners will also want to verify the best form of communication for each person. For instance, the field workers may prefer a phone call for a lawn emergency inquiry. Conversely, the billing manager may need your request in writing and choose email for interactions with customers. By asking about these simple communication guidelines, you are more likely to have your questions answered. Additionally, you will be establishing a good relationship with your lawn mowing contractors. 

A Dedicated Crew

Having a consistent finished product is more likely when your contractor has a dedicated crew for your job. After all, a team of workers repeatedly assigned to your site will come to know your property inside and out. They are familiar with the areas that need regular TLC and those that can be ignored from time to time. Often times, landscapers will sub-contract specific jobs like pruning and lawn aeration. As a business owner, you know this can not only affect the quality of the work but also the cost. If having the same crew on a weekly basis is not an option, then you will want to request the same supervisor. This way, you can maintain some sort of uniformity by developing a relationship with the team lead.  The best practice in this case is to have a basic subcontractor agreement form available.  

What Services Are Included In The Contract

A reputable landscaper will convey what services are included in the contract without being prompted. But as the business owner, you should be prepared with a litany of questions about the agreement. After all, the responsibilities of a lawn mowing contractor go beyond the actual grass cutting. There is hardscape cleanup, weed prevention and garden edging that are considered routine with regular lawn maintenance. Additionally, many landscapers include cleanup service in the spring and fall to prepare the grounds for the next season. Finally, it is important that you confirm the frequency of the service. It is typical for lawn care maintenance to be provided on a weekly basis. As with any contract, you can negotiate the services accordingly to accommodate your needs and budget. 

Add-On Services

Once you are familiar with routine lawn maintenance offerings, start a list of add-on services that you may need in the future. Doing so will allow you to plan and budget for landscaping projects. For instance, you may decide that the gardens need mulch or that bare spots need to be seeded. Perhaps the grounds are in need of a splash of color and would benefit from some plantings. Your landscaper can easily handle those types of projects with some notice. Moreover, many lawn specialists provide leaf and snow removal services for an additional fee. If add-on services are on your mind, have a conversation with your landscaper so you can secure a spot on the schedule.

Even if your landscaper came with glowing reviews, business owners need to be prepared for the meeting with an arsenal of questions. You should first verify the contractor’s licensure status, if required by your state or local municipality. Inquiring about your point of contact with the company is a necessity to maintain a good relationship with your landscaper. Equally essential is finding out if you will have a crew dedicated to tending to your grounds. Finally, it is important ask about all of the services that are included in the contract. Doing so will allow you to plan for any ad-on services you may need in the future like snow removal. Consider the points in this post as you formulate requisite question to ask lawn mowing contractors.

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