How To Schedule Posts On Instagram For Social Media Results

Business Instagram accounts are one of the best platforms for social media marketing. Until now however, business owners had to have several different programs installed just to take advantage of the social media marketing capabilities of Instagram. Previously, scheduled posts were not possible on the picture-based platform. Recently, Instagram finally partnered with Hootsuite to released a new update for business profiles that allows you to schedule Instagram posts in advance. If you are a business owner just learning about these new developments, keep reading to connect your team. This post will teach you how to schedule posts on Instagram. That way, you can capitalize on one of the best social media marketing platforms available.

Create A Business Profile

If you have not already, create an Instagram business profile. If you have an existing Instagram user account, you can easily convert it to a business profile. For those that do not yet have a social media presence for business, make sure to create a Facebook business page first. Then, you can create your Instagram business page by linking the two accounts. Once you have created a business account, you can proceed to the next step of learning how to schedule Instagram posts in advance.

Download Hootsuite

Next, you will need to download a separate application called Hootsuite. Instagram partnered with the top social media management app to provide scheduling features to business account holders. Unfortunately, you cannot schedule posts directly through the Instagram app itself. The Hootsuite app is free to manage a few important social media sites. However, you will need to pay for a subscription to the service itself. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the Instagram post scheduling features. Once you download and subscribe to the Hootsuite app services, you will be able to schedule social media posts for all you different accounts.

Link Your Instagram Account

Next, you will need to link your business Instagram account to your Hootsuite dashboard. You can do this in your profile launch menu by clicking “Add a Social Network.” A pop up window will appear, in which you should select Instagram and click the “Connect with Instagram” button. Next, you will need to enter you login information for the Instagram business account. Once you are back in the Hootsuite app interface, you can click “Add Stream” and select your Instagram profile. Now, your Instagram profile will be connected to the app, allowing you to schedule posts on Instagram.

Craft Your Content

Finally, you can create Instagram content that you would like to post in the future. In the Hootsuite app, navigate to the “Compose” box and enter in the text caption for your post. Remember to write Instagram captions that are engaging and witty. This will help make your Instagram marketing strategies much more effective with Instagram users. Then, you can attach your photo. Unfortunately, Instagram still has yet to allow business users to schedule videos. Do not waste your time trying to do so. Just attach a photo to the caption you crafted in the “Compose” box of the app. Then, you can move on to scheduling the post.

Schedule An Instagram Post

Now, you can finally schedule your Instagram post. In the Hootsuite app, click on the “Schedule” or “Autoschedule” options. If you do not care when your Instagram post is posted, you can click Autoschedule. If you have a specific date and time in mind for your scheduled Instagram posts, click “Schedule” instead. Once you do, you can select the exact date and time that you would like you Instagram post to publish to the platform. Be sure to turn on Hootsuite push notifications, so that you are alerted when your post goes live on the social media platform. Click submit, and you are finished. You have successfully scheduled a business post for Instagram.

Social media marketing strategies are some of the most effective digital marketing tools business owners have in their arsenal. However, it can be hard to stay on top of posting content to all the many different social media platforms for business. Scheduling social media posts is the best way to maximize efficiency and still experience the benefits of social media marketing. Learn how to schedule posts on Instagram above. This guide presents each and every step to make it easier for you to learn how to schedule Instagram posts on your own with zero social media expertise or marketing terms. Consult it whenever you need a quick reminder. Then, watch your business reap the rewards of a successful Instagram marketing strategy.

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