How To Gain More Self Confidence At Work

Successful people find self-confidence when needed. But there is a thin line between being confident and being arrogant, and this is something people who are not naturally self-confident have to deal with. Being more self-confident does not mean that you have to change your entire personality. However, it is about taking the small and simple steps that help you become a little more self-assured, and this is going to help you increase career success. Below are some great tips that will go a long way.

Push Yourself

The key to self-confidence is going out of your comfort zone. If you find your job so easy that you can do it with your eyes closed, it could be a sign that you need to push yourself. You can do this by offering your help on a project in your current role that forces you to build new skills, or you can choose something that is outside your work that will help you build professional skills. You could end up learning how to build applications without a tech background or how to cook a 5-star meal without any culinary schooling. The possibilities are endless when you push yourself. When professionals take advantage of these opportunities, they gain more self confidence at work.

Visualize Success

It is important to have a clear picture of what success is to you. Experts say the first step to take when working towards a goal is visualizing doing it. You can imagine yourself working on your dream job or behaving with more self-confidence when it comes to an area important to you.

Remember Achievements

Remember the things that you have achieved and the impressive things you have done in and out of the workplace. Make sure these are known and are added to your CV the right way – for more information, click here.

Assess Yourself

You should take stock of your current position and what you can offer. Write down qualifications, skills, experience, and successes, and how they will relate to your dream role. Remember how you figured out what to bring to a job interview to land your current position. Another thing is writing down accomplishments you have made because it will help in boosting your self-confidence because people tend to underestimate themselves.

Fake It

Faking it! We do not advise people to mislead or lie, but this tip is there to help you act more confident to overcome your fears. There is a popular quote that says “Fake it till you make it”. When you adopt a more positive attitude and take more responsibility that might seem a little hard can help in building self-confidence.


You have to be clear and concise when articulating things you think or need. If you might be having concerns, voice them! If you need help, then you should always ask for it. If you feel comfortable enough to talk to your supervisor or manager about issues – good for you. If you cannot, look for a colleague or friend who you can share frustrations with. When you are open and share the things bothering you, you will have feelings of being in control, which will make you feel more confident to deal with other issues.

Learn To Say “No”

Additionally, you need to learn to say “no”. There will be times when you have to say ‘no’ at your workplace. When you accept unreasonable requests, you end up feeling out of control. When you are assertive, you can feel more in control and confident.

Seek Help

Self-confident people usually know their ability when it comes to tasks, and will delegate the rest. If you feel like you are overworking, consider talking to your boss so you can figure out a way forward.

Learn New Skills

This is one of the best ways to improve self-confidence. If there is something you feel out of touch with, check out a course or even watch a video on YouTube that will help you learn more about it. There are also plenty of business podcasts that offer valuable information for learning new skills. When you gain more skills, you will start feeling more confident.

Accept Self-Doubt

The most confident people doubt themselves at some point – but what they do is not letting the self-doubt take any control. When negative and nonconstructive thoughts cross your mind, acknowledge they are there, then analyze them and see if it a valid concern or just an overreaction. This is a good time to get help from someone – the main goal here is pushing past the doubt.

Get A Mentor

Mentors are important because they provide you with a safe space where you can talk about your ideas and deciding the best options in certain situations. They can even teach you how to be confident without seeming cocky. Mentors can help in refining your ideas and tell you any issues that you might have not seen. This will include achievements and success that can help in boosting self-confidence.

Dress For Success

This tip can seem like a cliché, but the way you dress can affect your success. You will end up feeling a little more self-assured when you improve your appearance.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

This is another cliché that you have heard a million times – but it is important. You should be careful when it comes to the people you are spending your time with. They should be making you feel great about yourself, and this will include your workplace.

Let Go

You should not stress yourself thinking about the past and thinking of how things might have been. Instead of focusing on things out of your control, focus on the future.

Forgive Yourself

You will not help anything when you beat yourself up when you make a mistake. Self-confident people will learn from the mistakes and making sure such a thing doesn’t happen again.

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