How A Social Media Listening Tool Tracks Brand Mentions

The usage of a social media listening tool has exploded in popularity in the age of the internet. Many of today’s marketing professionals use these tools to monitor various social media platforms for conversations and mentions related to their brand. As a result, they can fine-tune how their brand listens and engages with the target market. As a marketing professional, you should always be searching for new and exciting ways to increase consumer engagement with your brand. Read on to learn how to use a social media listening tool to track brand mentions.

Understanding Your Demographics

Before you can start using listening tools for your social media marketing strategy, it is essential to understand your audience demographics. Think about what types of people your brand impacts the most. You can target your demographic based on location, age, income and interests. This way, you can really drill down into what they need from your brand. You can also monitor any issues with your brand or a competitor’s. These fundamentals present valuable marketing insights and opportunities to listen on social media.

Deciding Which Metrics To Track

Next, decide which metrics you want to track using your social listening tool. From keywords to URLs and mentions, there are many terms available to track. You many want to track URLs to see whenever someone links to your content. This can be done by tracking your brand’s domain. Alternatively, you may want to track social media mentions to monitor consumers’ experiences with your brand. Certainly, branded terms, hashtags or links are beneficial to join conversation around your brand.

Set Up Notification Systems

Setting up a notification system is the next step with your social media listing platform. This will allow you to monitor your brand’s engagement at all times. Many platforms offer 24/7 monitoring and alert functionality. You may want to receive updates on engagement and brand mentions via e-mail or text messages every day. Alternatively, you can only get notified of major events like a PR dumpster-fire involving your brand or any competitors. With real time social media listening alerts, you can seize the moment and stay informed about what’s happening around your company. As a result, you will be getting key web push notifications to increase customer engagement sent directly to your email or text inbox.

Use Key Insights

Now, use your social media listening platform to analyze your marketing insights. There are multiple ways of going about this, for example, you may want to filter out any “noise.” This way, you will see less, but more relevant, information on your brand. On the other hand, you might want to find and engage new customers directly. One way to do this is to monitor your competitor’s social media mentions for dissatisfied customers, and convince them that your brand is better. You should continue to use these insights to tailor your marketing strategies continuously.

Connecting Your Tools

Connecting your social listening tools is the final step in monitoring your brand’s mentions. If a condition is met in one social media listening tool, you can set it up to trigger an action in another tool. By enabling actions that do not require your intervention, this automation will streamline the process of fine-tuning with your insights. With a range of integrated apps at your disposal, you will be receiving plenty of relevant data that you can to increase engagement with your brand on a larger scale. Connecting these tools is a great way to broaden your brand’s reach.

There are several steps to using a social media listening tool to track brand mentions. The first is to really understand your demographics and business target audience. Next, think about what metrics will benefit your brand the most to track. Thirdly, set your tool up to notify you of any updates, either regularly or when something noteworthy happens. The most important step is next, using the insights gained via the tool to tailor your marketing strategies. Finally, you will want to set up multiple tools and connect them, enabling your brand to have the broadest reach possible. Follow these steps when using a social media listening tool to track brand mentions, and your brand’s engagement will skyrocket.

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