Why Wearing A Tailored Suit Makes You A Better Manager

Tailored suits can really make the man (or woman). That is not just an old saying. It is truth. That is why it is such a great idea for a new manager to get a tailored suit, or several, once they get promoted to management. A bespoke suit can have a huge impact on your work week. In fact, it may even be as important as knowing proper conference call etiquette. It can give you an added edge at effectively managing a team of employees. Find out the advantages of tailor-made suits in this post.


It sounds silly, but wearing a custom-made suit makes you seem more credible to your workers. This is especially important for a new manager. Often, new managers can struggle with earning the respect of their teams, particularly if they used to work alongside the employees until they were promoted from within. Nothing gives you a more professional, credible look than a custom-tailored suit. This is a considerable benefit that many business owners are unaware of.

Lead By Example

When managers wear business suits, they are leading by example. It establishes a standard for other team members to meet. Obviously, not all workers will go out and buy a tailor-made suit online or in-store just because the new manager did. But, it will certainly help to elevate the office dress code, which could give the workplace environment a boost. Wearing custom suits as a new manager will make it possible for you to lead by example and set the tone for appropriate, professional office attire at your workplace.

First Impression

New managers with tailored suits make a better first impression. This is very important for those who have just been promoted to a management position. In this new role, you are sure to meet many new people, especially if you are a talent manager. These new people will often be prominent personalities at your company. When you are wearing a new custom tailored suit, you will ooze professionalism and credibility to make a good first impression every time.

No Distractions

Wearing a tailored suit will ensure that you and your employees do not get distracted by your clothing. It is not easy to work when you are wearing a shirt that is a bit too small or a pair of pants that is way too loose. You clothing can distract you from your work flow. Likewise, your team can get distracted with gossiping or giggling if your clothes are sloppy or ill-fitting. Wearing a custom-made tailored suit to work is the best way to avoid all these workplace distractions related to business casual attire or other ill-suited office clothing options.


A well-dressed man, or woman, earns respect. That is why tailored business suits for men and women are one of the best things a new manager can buy. New managers who wear bespoke suits earn the respect of their employees much quicker. This makes it easier to manage your team. After all, you cannot manage employees until you earn their respect. Wearing a custom tailor made suit for your new managerial position is the best way to do that with more than just your words and actions.

New managers often have to go above and beyond to become effective managers within the first year. One of the best ways to do that is to buy bespoke suits for work. Custom business suits will provide you a ton of advantages that will make you a better manager; one that is able to coach a team of accomplished employees effectively. Keep these tailored suit advantages for managers in mind. Then, remember to put “suit shopping” on your getting things done pdf to-do list. When you go shopping for work clothes, you are definitely going to wind up buying a tailor made suit.

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