How Technology Is Shaping Office Security

With us being in the golden age (of our time, on this planet so far that is…) of technology, it is no wonder the evolution of office security and technological advantages are fitting together perfectly in a synergistic wonderland of office safety. From the most advanced developments of cutting-edge cyber security right down to the epic evolution of what used to be the humble padlock, office security is advancing in leaps and bounds. These wondrous advancements have forced every industry and every person to change the way we behave, learn and even think.

Cyber Security Improvements

There are several cybersecurity trends to protect business data that you need to familiarize yourself with. As company hackers get smarter and more cunning, cyber security companies evolve and grow to accommodate the ever-increasing threats launched against businesses and companies alike. From secure alternative data backup solutions to the most high-tech artificial intelligence powered drones, cyber security innovations will likely never stop advancing and evolving. With new threats around every corner, it would not be wise to want to stop these technological masterminds from finding the very best digital and physical security solutions for your office.

Alarm Systems

From the basic yet effective home alarm system, right through to the most technologically advanced business alarm system, office security and monitoring seems to evolve at the fastest pace. Being able to monitor your office through secured links to your company cameras right from the comfort of your armchair is almost commonplace these days, but with video links in real-time with the clearest picture and zoom ability that makes you basically feel like you are there, office security advancements are increasing exponentially.

Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote monitoring systems are an essential technology to optimize your office security. These control systems are designed to remotely monitor your business networks, computers, or client endpoints. This enables you to manage all activities of your workstations from any remote location. Simultaneously, these systems guarantee strong network infrastructure control for your office. Many monitoring and control, or M&C systems are specifically designed to control large worksites such as power plants, operations centers, or factories. Using one of these advanced systems is a popular virtual employee management tip to optimize your office security.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are one of the most commonly used technologies to protect your office. High-quality cameras provide around-the-clock security both inside and outside of your office. Place your cameras in strategic locations to monitor various parts of your commercial facilities. If you are unsure of how to best cover your premises, familiarize yourself with the best positions to install security cameras for your office. Of course, these systems can help you record video data to protect your business in the event of robbery or embezzlement. Moreover, with reliable security cameras, you can reduce insurance expenses and create a safer workplace for your employees.

High-Tech Radars

Office perimeter monitoring has evolved too! With high-tech radar systems becoming more affordable these are a welcome addition which can be integrated into most existing office security systems. The advancements to radar technology in recent years have afforded it the opportunity to exclude moving parts, which means far less maintenance required. Radars operate perfectly well in bad weather or even in poor lighting, so there is really no down side to adding them to your existing office security system.

Rich Reporting

Technological advancements to office and workplace security are as much about reporting as any other department. Having the ability to build rich business intelligence reporting capabilities to track staff, manage employees and monitor guests and clients is priceless to any modern organization. From restricted access areas log records to pulling data after an incident, office security systems need to have rich reporting structures to truly add value to the workplace.

Access Control

Access control has evolved in the most calculated of ways over the last decade or so at an unprecedented rate. From the simple identification badge of yesteryear to the most advanced access control systems in the world, sophisticated access control has teamed up with the clearest video surveillance systems to provide the most accurate office activity records ever created. Such advanced centralized control systems have completely changed the way companies should view access control. Remember, access control is as much about who you allow in as it is about who you want to keep out.

Several advanced technologies are critical to ensure workplace safety. Seemingly impenetrable perimeters, access control worthy of Fort Knox mentions and cyber-security that knows what you will do even before you know yourself, are just some of the amazing advancements we have seen in recent years. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will write a follow up on this article in years to come that will leave us all in awe of the way technology will continue to shape and form the way we view and think of office security. Watch this space!

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