5 Types Of Sales Assessment Tests To Build Your Team

There are several types of sales assessment tests to build your team. Sales assessment tests are an efficient way to hire the top salespeople. Resumes are a reliable way to show off a candidate’s skill set, experience and successes. However, these tests showcase their character, traits and end-to-end sales processes. As a business owner, you should implement this assessment test to discover who the best hire would be for your sales team. Here are the different types of sales assessment tests to build your team.

Personality Test

One type of sales assessment test is a personality test. This test determines how likely the candidate would fit in with the role, team and overall organization. By assessing their personality, you can project how they will interact with cold and warm leads. In fact, you can also infer how well their chances of closing deals. However, this isn’t like an aptitude test. Technically, there are no wrong or right answers. But, there are answers that if chosen, make a candidate a more promising option. Certainly, implement a personality test to see how potential prospects could fit into the role and with your team.

Sales Aptitude Test

Secondly, when building your sales team, introduce a sales aptitude test. This test gauges the core skills of a candidate. Create this test based on the skills needed for the position. However, you should include sections for reasoning ability, critical thinking, numerical ability and verbal ability. The reasoning section can showcase the prospects ability to analyze and perceive information from other perspectives. Additionally, critical thinking exposes the applicants ability to problem solve by thinking outside-of-the-box. Meanwhile, you should include a section that displays numerical and verbal ability. As a result, you can see how the candidate reacts to number processing and word relationships. Of course, you can also test the prospects on their sales and marketing plan. Definitely, give a sales aptitude test to find a new sale member. 

Scenario Test

Don’t forget to include a scenario test when finding a new member for your sales team. This test gauges how well each candidate can handle stressful and complicated situations. Present hypothetical scenarios and have them explain how they manage it.  For example, how the candidate would react to a difficult client or a failed sale. Prospects can showcase their leveraged techniques, the sound of their judgements and their critical thinking skills. Surely, you should implement a scenario test to see how potential members would react to difficult and strenuous situations.

Grit Test

Next, give qualifying sales members a grit test. This test exposes the candidates and how well they follow through. It shows if they can stick with activities for an elongated period until they master it. For example, solving a rubix cube. You can decide if this prospect would be a good fit for a long-term position. In fact, it will assist you in finding sales reps that “run marathons” instead of “sprints”. Additionally, you can figure out their interest in new activities, roles and jobs. As a result, you can determine if your new hire is willing to collaborate and contribute in foreign projects to expand their horizons. Of course, consider introducing a grit test when looking for a reliable sales rep to add to your team.

Technical Skills Test

Finally, integrate a technical skills test when building your sales team. This test can confirm that the skills on a candidate’s resume are accurate. Determine if they are familiar with company tools such as customer relationship management (CRM) programs or outreach solutions. Or, if you run a company selling medical devices or pharmaceuticals, you can ensure the prospect has domain knowledge. In fact, this test can prove if they have training, industry knowledge or need extra onboarding assistance. Certainly, include a technical skills test when interviewing prospects to join your sales team.

There is a variety of sales assessment tests you can implement to build your team. Certainly, you want to avoid sending your new hire to sales training courses. First, give a personality test to see how the prospect interacts with your team, leads and the closure of deals. Secondly, include a sales aptitude test to showcase the candidate’s reasoning skills, critical thinking solutions, their numerical ability and their verbal ability. Next, implement a scenario test to discover how prospects will react to stressful and difficult situations. Of course, include a grit test to determine prospects dedication to the business and role. Finally, integrate a technical skills test to see if the potential team member has an understanding of company techniques, mechanics and functions. These are the different sales assessment tests to build your sales team.

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