A Process Mapping Guide To Spark New Business Improvement

Process mapping is defined as an analysis of how work is done versus how it should be done. If you are wondering: what is process mapping? It illustrates all the steps taken in a particular process and putting them down on office paper. If you are a manager of any business, large or small, process mapping can help you to improve employee productivity and employee performance. This post will answer questions you may have regarding the basics of process mapping so that you can employ this useful tactic at your current company.

What Does Process Mapping Entail?

Process mapping can be a lot of work. Before you can even worry about what process you would like to map or what steps are involved, you must first learn how to create one, as many professionals do in an advanced management program. This entails some research time. You will need to find out what symbols commonly used in process maps stand for, which computer program will be best suited to the task, what elements must be included in the end result and most importantly, how to create a process map from start to finish. This can take a lot of time away from other job responsibilities you may have. However, if you are a manager who does not mind putting in a little extra work, you will have no issues finding information online regarding this topic.

Who Should Create A Process Map?

The process mapping basics are work best with small teams. When bringing together people who have various roles within a process, they can offer insights about the work they do. This offers different perspectives on how the work gets done. Additionally, everyone should have secure employment contracts to they can speak their mind. Then, everyone comes together to map out the process from start to finish. When first getting started, managers need to allocate enough time to create a process map that everyone has input on. Depending on how many people you have on a team, it can be tough to fit everything into a single session. With enough time, the entire team can get involved in creating a process map. The level of engagement and interaction from a complete team will spur discussions and insights for improvement.

Is There Specific Software for Process Mapping?

Yes, there is software available specifically to create and edit process maps using big data solutions at the enterprise level. However, it is not necessary to use these specific programs. As long as you have Microsoft Office, you already have a variety of programs at your fingertips for creating a process map. Many managers have a personal preference for one over the other. However, Excel, Word and PowerPoint all have the capabilities to create an acceptable end product. If you do not want to shell out any money just to incorporate process mapping software in the business you currently manage, you will have no issues creating a useful process map using a Microsoft Office program.

How Can Process Maps Improve Productivity?

Making use of process mapping at your workplace can improve productivity by enabling you to see possible areas of overlap in various tasks and responsibilities. This technique can even help in the area of corporate event planning. Process mapping forces you, the manager, to assess each single step of a specific task. In doing so, you may find that there is overlap of responsibilities among workers or you may uncover a problem that you would not have otherwise discovered. Visualizing each individual step involved in a particular process allows you the opportunity not only to discover problems, but also to implement new practices to solve them. Process mapping can also be useful for the individuals you manage as images are often more easily comprehended and leave no room for miscommunications.

How Do I Construct A Process Flowchart?

If you want to make use of process mapping, you need to create a process flowchart. The first step for constructing a process flowchart is to determine process boundaries. Where does the process begin and end? Then, you want to list process steps. Pick a verb that describes each particular step, and start each listed step with that verb. Next, you are going to want to put the steps in sequential order using post it notes or similar product packaging material, so that you can move steps around as needed. Then, you are going to want to draw the appropriate process mapping symbols, like ovals, boxes, arrows and diamonds. Once this is done, it is time to draw the system model charts, including sections for input, process, output, control and feedback. Then, check your work and finalize the flowchart. Now you know how to construct a process flowchart properly.

If you choose to begin using process maps at the internet marketing business you manage, you will not be disappointed with the results. Process mapping may take some extra work in the beginning, but once you have become comfortable with it, you will not need to spend as much time or effort on the task. Understanding what is process mapping will improve employee productivity and performance. Learning more about process mapping and finding tutorials has never been easier as there are a plethora of websites dedicated to the task. As long as you are willing to put in the extra work, you will be able to reap the benefits of successful process mapping. Once you begin process mapping, your only regret will be that you did not implement this practice sooner.

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