A Guide To Working With Wholesale Only Suppliers For Dropshipping

Utilizing wholesale only suppliers to dropship customer orders is becoming increasingly common for modern businesses. As a business owner, this allows you to earn profits simply for processing transactions. Dropshippers then handle the packaging and shipping of all processed orders. This saves your business crucial time and resources through outsourcing shipping to wholesale suppliers. When done correctly, there are significant outsourcing benefits associated with utilizing dropshippers. Continue reading this guide to processing orders with wholesale only suppliers that dropship.

Beware Of Ongoing Fees

Beware of ongoing fees when processing orders through wholesale only suppliers. Legitimate wholesale suppliers do not require monthly or annual fees in exchange for their services. Many companies seeking these fees are not true representatives of the manufacturer. They are likely attempting to earn additional commissions through reselling products. To avoid this as a business owner, ensure you always speak directly with the manufacturer. This allows you to avoid any additional or ongoing fees charged by outsiders. Always avoid ongoing fees when processing orders with wholesale only suppliers.

Ensure They Do Not Sell To The Public

Ensure that prospective dropshipping suppliers do not sell to the products. Suppliers that offer wholesale prices to the public is likely just a retailer offering discounted prices. True wholesale only suppliers ask to verify your business credentials. As a business owner, you likely have to apply for an account with a prospective supplier. Most suppliers only quote wholesale prices after you have been verified as a business and approved for an account. Ensure suppliers do not sell to the public when seeking to process orders through dropshipping.

Look For A Large Marketplace

Always look for a large marketplace when selecting a wholesale only supplier. As a business owner, this gives you access to a wider base of products and supplies. Some marketplaces offer millions of products ranging across a variety of brands, industries, and price points. This allows your business to carry the widest amount of brands, or sell a unique base of products. This greatly improve your business agility by allowing your company to participate in a variety of industries. Moreover, dropshippers that support larger marketplaces are often more experienced and established. Therefore, these wholesale only suppliers are often more reliable. Look for a large marketplace when choosing to process orders through dropshipping with wholesale only suppliers.

Calculate Additional Fees

Always calculate the additional fees when selecting a wholesale only supplier. As a business owner, this best helps you predict payments and forecast profits. Traditional wholesale only suppliers frequently charge per-order fees. These fees range from as low as one-dollar, and run upwards of six-dollars. If you plan on processing high volumes of orders through certain suppliers, these fees can be detrimental to your profit margins. Moreover, many suppliers may impose additional fees if you fail to meet minimum order sizes. As a business owner, it is crucial to constantly be aware of, and frequently calculate any anticipated fees. Assure that your business is always prepared for additional fees when working with a wholesale only supplier.

Consider Company Reputation

Consider the company’s reputation when choosing a wholesale only supplier. Dropshippers process orders on your business’s behalf. Because of this, any problems with customer orders are likely going to be blamed on your business. For example, if a customer’s order arrives late, is damaged, or is incorrect, that customer will likely perceive the incident as fault of your business. Read company reviews and research the reputation of wholesale only suppliers to ensure they are reliable to conduct orders on your company’s behalf. Look for dropshippers that are experienced and have been established for a long time. Always consider the company’s reputation when locating a wholesale only supplier that dropships.

Dropshipping orders through wholesale only suppliers is increasingly popular for modern businesses. As a business owner, it allows you to make profit, while outside companies package and ship orders. When locating a dropshipping supplier, ensure they do not charge ongoing fees. Additionally make certain that they do not sell to the public. Look for a dropshipper that represents a large marketplace. Moreover, always calculate, and stay up to date on additional fees. Furthermore, consider the company’s reputation. Through analyzing this information, you can develop an effective dropship marketing plan for your business. Follow this post as a guide to processing orders with wholesale only suppliers that dropship.

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