How Company Workwear And Uniforms Can Increase Staff Productivity

Servants of European nobility who lived during the early 14th century were the first known people to wear liveries. Apart from having the same colors and design, these uniforms sported the coat of arms of the nobility which the wearer served. These Manchester outfits were some of the first examples of what will be later called occupational uniforms or simply, uniforms.

Later on, the soldiers belonging to the same regiment began wearing what would become the military uniform. The adornment (the lack of it) on the servants’ and soldiers’ liveries depended on their position within the master’s household. The nearer they are to the master, the richer and finer the servants’ livery.

It was not until the 19th century that uniforms became the norm for civil servants and members of the military, especially in German-speaking state of Bavaria and the Kingdom of Prussia. Today the uniform or corporate wear has become an important element of corporate culture and identity. Companies and organizations use the uniform as a way to convey their philosophy, as well as a useful advertising tool. Uniforms can create a strong brand identity and company image, whilst motivating your staff to higher levels of productivity.

But apart from these benefits, well-designed and comfortable company workwear and uniforms can also increase staff productivity. Today we’ll explore how the ubiquitous and seemingly trivial uniform can influence and even boost your staff’s performance and their productivity.

Well-groomed and well-dressed employees are perceived by the people who interact with them as more professional and trustworthy than their sloppily dressed counterparts. A well-designed and contemporary uniform can also make your employee look more knowledgeable and competent to your customers. The air of authority and the perceived positive qualities have the ability to attract more customers to your business. This, in turn, gives your employees a confidence boost and will make them more productive.

Streamline Morning Routines

In a list of major industries, company workwear and uniforms boost employee productivity by allowing the staff to save time during their morning routine. Running late in the morning will become a thing of the past as your employees will not spend their time choosing and trying on the best outfit of the day. Now, all your employees need to do is grab a freshly laundered and pressed uniform, grab their bags, head out for work, and arrive at the workplace earlier than their colleagues. Employees who don’t have uniforms, on the other hand, are forced to look for clean or suitable clothes in their wardrobe for several minutes every morning–something that can result in repeated tardiness and decreased productivity.

Shift Employee Mindset

Wearing uniforms allow your employees to prime their minds to shift from rest mode or “weekend mode” into full work mode. Research suggests that wearing company workwear and uniforms affects a worker’s alertness. Workers also become more focused and more productive. Moreover, wearing formal clothing can influence the productivity of a worker. According to studies, what you wear can affect your thinking. Before taking a cognitive test, the participants of the study were asked to wear their choice of clothing–whether formal or casual. Those who chose to wear formal clothing scored higher in abstract thinking than their casually dressed peers.

Standout To Customers

Company workwear and uniforms also make your employees easy to identify. Uniforms that stand out are especially helpful when it comes to the retail sector as these outfits make your employees stand out to customers. With a memorable and easily recognizable outfit, customers will not hesitate to ask for assistance which, in turn, will boost sales and workers’ productivity.

Promote Equality At Work

Uniforms also make your workplace more equal. In a workplace, not everyone can afford the latest knit sweater from a high-end store or a nice pair of slacks to stand out. Some will come into work wearing painfully obvious thrift shop finds or some simply make poor sartorial choices. Wearing company workwear ensures that no one will be mocked for poor fashion choices. Since everyone’s equal and no person’s self-esteem suffers, everyone’s free to focus on work and improving productivity.

Increase Employee Comfort

Make sure that the outfit material you choose is comfortable. Consider the weather and your workplace conditions before choosing the company workwear material. If your workers live and work in a warm and humid environment, make sure that you choose cotton or any other fabrics that are cool, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Choose synthetic and warm fabrics if your employees work somewhere cold.

Ensure that the clothes fit the individual. The uniform is something that your employees will wear every day, so ensure that they are happy and comfortable wearing it because it fits properly.

Uniforms Are Affordable

Prioritize quality. You might be tempted to cut cost and choose the cheapest uniforms you can find from a wholesale distributor, but quality and durability should be one of your top priorities. There are instances when cheap doesn’t always mean low-quality, but make sure that every stitch is in place or that the outfits fit your employees before ordering uniforms for them. If you’re looking for a uniform supplier, try to find the right balance between quality and affordability.

Offer A Professional Style

Make sure that the uniforms with designs that are consistent with your brand’s message and philosophy. Choose a design that is modern and stylish but not eccentric. Make sure that the uniform is something that your employees will proudly wear. Ensure also that the outfits you choose are consistent with your company’s colors and other elements of your brand’s identity.

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