5 Effective Ways To Advertise Locally For Free

For small businesses, knowing how to effectively advertise locally is the best way to bring in customers. However, advertising for a business can end up costing a ton of capital. Small business owners like you need to know that there are effective ways to advertise locally without spending a dime. These methods may appear to be a little time-consuming, but their payoff is well-worth the extra attention. As a business owner, you need to be prepared to go that extra mile. Keep reading to learn about ways to advertise locally for free.

Social Media Pages

Advertise locally by interacting with the community and garnering attention for your business through social media pages. In today’s world, social media presence is an absolute necessity for any business. Create a page for your business and invite your friends as well as family to share it. Promote the business page from your personal profile and join any community groups on social media sites. Experiment with posting videos and pictures to connect with your audience. This will drive sales and allow you to become a pillar of local business. As you look to advertise locally, ensure you are taking advantage of social media platforms.

Optimize Your Local SEO

Though it is not advertising per se, optimizing your local SEO is a great way to advertise locally for free. Optimize your website’s SEO to appear higher on internet searches for keywords associated with your industry. An easy way to do this is to claim your business listing on sites like Google+. This enables you to begin collecting reviews of your business, which in turn act as free local advertising. Consider using keywords in creative ways as well. Restaurant owners can implement them into their digital menus. Local clothing stores can use keywords in their website category titles. All of this improves the chances that your business will show up on the map when people search, which is where many people go to when looking for services. All in all, optimizing your local SEO is an excellent way to advertise locally for free.

Create A Monthly Press Release

Another great way to advertise locally for free is to create a monthly press release for your business. Consider hiring an advertising manager to find nearby opportunities for your brand. Most local newspapers are happy to promote community businesses free of charge. Issue a monthly press release to remind locals that you are still around and to generate hype for your business. The news you share with the community does not have to be monumental. Tell the people about a new service you are providing or a new client you landed. The purpose is simply to attract attention. If you are looking to advertise locally for free, definitely consider creating a monthly press release.

Network At Local Events

Furthermore, network at local events or gatherings to advertise locally for free. As the owner, you are the best liaison for your business. Go to local events or conferences to speak about your business. Choose events that are attended by consumers you wish to attract to your business. If you own a sporting goods store, attend local sporting events and speak with people there. Your opportunities are endless. By interacting with residents at local events, you are further solidifying yourself as a pillar of the community. You are your business’ greatest advocate, which is why networking at local events is a great way to advertise locally for free.

Use A Promotional Email Signature

Though this may seem insignificant, a great and simple way to advertise locally for free is by promoting your business on your email signature. Presumably, you send a lot of emails — whether that be through your personal or your business email account. Take advantage of those interactions by including your business’ information in your signature. Include links to your social media accounts as well as your contact information. Additionally, your signature could be used to promote sales, contests, or events you are offering through the business. Despite its simplicity, promoting your business on your email signature is an effective way to advertise locally for free.

As the owner of a small business, you need to know how to use the community to advertise locally for free. You do not need to use geofence advertising or launch costly campaigns to reach your ROI goals. Create a social media page for your business to connect with local residents. Optimize your local SEO and issue a monthly press release to reach your audience even if they are not looking for you. Additionally, network at local events to connect with consumers. Finally, take the simple step of promoting your business through your email signature. Follow this advice if you are looking to advertise locally for free.

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