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What Are The Current Cyber Liability Coverage Limitations?

Cyber liability policies are a crucial 21st-century tool for cybersecurity professionals, but they come with limitations. The field of cybersecurity is changing constantly. Insurance companies are often not prepared to offer the product that truly covers the risks posed to your organization by a major cybersecurity breach. It is up to you to assess your cyber liability coverage to determine ... Read More »

How Fixing Dirty Data Delivers A Competitive Edge

It’s pretty unusual these days to come across a business that doesn’t harvest, store and use data. At the same time bad quality data can actually be more of a disadvantage than a good thing. Without reliable information your data analyses are meaningless, you risk annoying customers and prospects, you lose potential advocates, miss opportunities, miss the mark, miss the ... Read More »

How Outsourcing Leave Management Protects Your Company

Keeping track of employee leave can be a stressful task. It is tough enough when an employee moves between departments. When they are leaving for an extended period of time, it can be a strain on the business. As a business owner or employer, it is your job to provide benefits for your employees and keep them happy. However, there ... Read More »

5 Strategies For Building An Email List Using Facebook

Every marketing professional knows the value of social media in building an email list. Facebook currently has over 1.5 billion users. Reaching these users to market your product or service is the goal of every business. But simply having a Facebook page for your business is not enough. Here we’re going to look at five strategies to get your company’s ... Read More »

How To Manage Your Workers Comp Policy Effectively

Understanding and implementing a company’s workers compensation policy can be a difficult job. As the HR department of a business, it is your job to make sure that incidents and injuries in the workplace are taken care of. This means that you will also be the central communication system for both the employee and the employer. Here are five things ... Read More »

Changing Careers: 7 Rewarding Occupations To Consider

A satisfying job will tick more than one box. Not only will it pay well, but it should offer job security, career advancement, and should be personally fulfilling. If all the above sounds too good to be true, you couldn’t be more wrong, as there are many vocations that can be gratifying. If you need a career change, check out ... Read More »

5 Reasons Why You Need App Store Optimization (ASO)

The growth of mobile apps have pushed businesses to focus specifically on mobile marketing and exposure. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, pushed for the company to become a “mobile first” organization. Following suit, many companies have developed apps to complete a multi-channel marketing experience. However, it can be challenging for customers to find your app. Customers are increasingly becoming ... Read More »

4 Important Tips For New Real Estate Agents Getting Started

While established real estate agents know exactly where they should focus their attention when to turn down a client, and how to land deals that bring in lots of money, new real estate agents have a long way to go. Going from beginner to expert isn’t something that happens overnight, that is for sure. Along the way, you will need ... Read More »

What Changes If the Investment Advisers Act Is Extended?

There’s been an ongoing debate about changing financial rules to unify the standards applied to financial professionals across roles in ways that align with the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. While this seems like a simplifying reform, industry professionals often allege that it would change the nature of investment work in a way that fundamentally alters the entire industry for ... Read More »

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