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How To Make Tax Deductible Donations While Helping Others

Did you know that your charitable donations could be tax deductible? You can get a tax break while helping other people, an ideal situation for most business owners. Your business can easily make tax deductible donations, but there is a specific process you need to follow to take advantage of this. Here’s how to make tax deductible donations for your ... Read More »

A Guide To Filing A Tax Extension For Your Business

Come tax season, some business may need a little extra time to prepare their paperwork. Business owners can ask for more time to file for a tax extension. If you need to apply for a tax extension in the spring, don’t sweat it. Many people need the extra time to figure out their income tax rate or annual financials. To ... Read More »

5 Items Your Financial Analysis Report Needs For Useful Insight

Financial analysis reports represent the company’s current position, strengths and weaknesses. There are basic sections typically always included by someone with a finance or accounting degree, like profit, revenue and liquidity. But there are a few key “extra” sections that can improve the report’s overall structure and quality. Listed below are often essential components of a successful financial analysis report. ... Read More »

What Is The Cost Of A Patent For Design Or Utility Claims?

All entrepreneurs should patent their products. Patenting can be a worthwhile investment for individuals or business entities. The trademark will ensure legal claim over the name, logo, and product itself as your company’s intellectual property. However, a patent can provide protection over business process, manufacturing process, products and inventions. This protection does not come without a price.┬áHere is a breakdown ... Read More »

5 Personal Money Management Tips That Can Work For Your Business

When running a business, some months can be more financially challenging than others. It is important that you always save money and prioritize your spending as a business owner, in order to ensure that you always have the funds that you need. Although there are unsecured loans on offer should you find yourself in a financial emergency, we advise that ... Read More »

Money Market Accounts VS Savings Accounts: Which Is Best For You?

When you are dealing with your money, any type of savings account is helpful. All types of savings accounts allow you to have the ability to watch your money grow and keep it safe. However, before opening a bank account by definition, you should know your options. There are slight, but important differences between money market accounts (MMAs) and savings ... Read More »

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Term Insurance Online

We are today in a digital age where technology has overshadowed many of your traditional methods. And so is the way in which we are making purchases and consuming stuff. The trend is shifting not just to making purchases of stuff like grocery and clothes but also in buying financial products. This is because buying online gives consumers more control ... Read More »

How To Manage Corporate Card Spending For New Employees

You’ve just landed a job that offers employees a corporate credit card. Several large companies offer corporate business credit cards. These credit cards are linked directly to the company. You, as an employee, can use the credit card for business-related purchases. Continue reading below to understand how you should go about using your new corporate credit card. Save Your Receipts ... Read More »

4 Home Loan Factors That Lenders Consider Carefully

Whether you are looking at starter homes or luxury homes, you may need to secure funding to make your purchase. When it comes to winning a good home loan deal from a lender, there are a number of different factors that are considered. On the basis of these factors, the lender company decides that if a person is eligible for ... Read More »

What Business Loan Requirements To Provide Potential Lenders

Starting a small business can be a daunting journey. Even more overwhelming is the process for applying for a small business loan. Lenders look at several areas before deciding you are a good fit for a loan. They will look into your history and your business’s history and goals. Be prepared for these conversations by having your documentation ready and ... Read More »

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