Best Certifications for a Human Resources Management Degree


There are many great certifications to add to a human resources management degree. Human resources (HR) professionals handle several responsibilities in the workplace such as coordinating administration, development, and training. In fact, there are many HR certificate programs that specialize in different skills specific to the discipline. These skills include leadership, workplace strategy, employment law, and talent acquisition/management. As an HR professional, maximize the weight of your decisions, considerations, and judgments with an additional certification. In fact, many you can secure a certificate using several types of hr certification programs. Read on to discover the best certifications for a human resources management degree.

United International Business School

The United International Business School (UIBS) provides Graduate Certificates in HR management. These certifications are often used to develop technical skills such as accounting, business, and management studies. To apply, you’ll need to fill out an application form found on the UIBS website. Additionally, you’ll need to provide an application fee, resume, and a photocopy of your passport or similar proof of identity. Later on in the process, you may need to submit copies of your degrees, diplomas, or transcripts, a reference letter of motivation, and a passport-sized photo. Surely, the UIBS certification offers many avenues for developing your technical HR skills.

Professional in Human Resources

The Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification is in high demand because it is considered a new standard within the industry. PHR certifications typically cover HR program implementation and general HR functions, while staying compliant with employment laws and regulations. Applicants take a three-hour exam that focuses on recruitment/workforce planning, employee relations, business strategies, and compensation/benefits. Additionally, you’ll increase your knowledge of risk and business management, as well as company-wide HR strategies. However, one of the biggest advantages of the PHR certification is that it’s a prerequisite for several more advanced certifications. Absolutely, the PHR certification provides adequate training on many aspects of HR, leading to a new industry standard.

Certified Professional in Learning and Performance

The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) certification is designed by one of the largest training and development profession associations, the ATD. One of the world’s largest HR training providers, the ATD offers high quality certification programs. To qualify, applicants need four to five years of work experience, dependent on their education level. Next, they need to pass a knowledge exam and a skills application exam. Existing members of the ATD pay $900 to apply, while nonmembers must pay $1,250. Of course, you leanr various methods of maintaining compliance, such as how to guide workplace harassment training activities. Certainly, the CPLP certification is provided by one of the top HR development providers in the world, demonstrating its high quality and requirements.

Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional

The Society for Human Resources Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) certification enhances your workplace effectiveness. This certification offers networking and career opportunities that can fast track your career. The SHRM’s certification courses typically focus on people skills and their management. Using these skills, you ensure all employees are on the same page regarding their workplace goals. To apply, you’ll need a $300-400 application fee and to pass a 4 hour online exam. Additionally, you’ll need at least a year of HR experience or a graduate degree on the subject. Definitely, the SHRM CP certification develops various people and social management skills necessary for HR roles and beyond.

Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional

The HR industry widely recognizes the Society for Human Resources Management Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). This certification has rigorous application criteria.  It requires at least three years of experience and a Master’s degree in HR for consideration. With a Bachelor’s, you need four years or more. There is no course. However, you have to take a four hour exam containing knowledge and scenario-based multiple choice questions. The exam’s pass rate hovers around 50%. Since there’s no course attached, you’ll need to prepare on your own. Be prepared to dedicate several hours per week for a few months to pass this exam. Of course, this widely recognized certificate’s rigorous requirements ensure the high quality of its holders.

There is a myriad of certification to add to a human resources management degree. One certification, the UBIS Graduate Certificate, offers several avenues for developing technical HR skills such as accounting and business studies. Another, the PHR, provides industry-standard training on all aspects of HR. Additionally, one of the top HR training providers in the world offers the high-quality CPLP certification.. SHRM-CP certifications develop several management skills related to people and social norms, and these skills help with more than HR. Finally, the SHRM-SCP is one of the most widely recognized certifications with strict requirements ensuring only the best applicants pass. Moreover, these certifications help you ace your consulting case interview. When wondering about the best certifications for a human resources management degree, consider the certifications described above.

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