Cheap Breakfast Catering Ideas for Morning People

There are several cheap breakfast catering ideas for morning people. Of course, there are many general business catering ideas, as well. However, businesses often cater breakfast to morning meetings because mornings are incredibly productive times of the day. Employee morning routines tend to vary from employee to employee, and their breakfast preferences tend to vary, as well. As a business owner/manager, provide a variety of breakfast foods and range in menus to accommodate a wide range of employee preferences at reduced costs. Read on to discover cheap breakfast catering ideas for morning people.

Self-Serve Stations

Self-serve stations are one great cheap breakfast catering idea. They save significant costs, because the need for labor in prep time is eliminated. Your employees can assemble their own meals, as well. This way, self-serve stations provide robust variety and fulfill many preferences without breaking the bank. Surely, self-serve stations eliminate labor costs and provide variety that allows you to feed many employees.

DIY Yogurt, Granola, and Fruit

Another great cheap breakfast option is do-it-yourself yogurt, granola, and fruit bowls. Since they’re DIY, costs are reduced due to the elimination of labor. This is also one of the healthiest breakfast options out there, and provides a fair amount of variety. Employees can choose from different yogurts, granolas, oats, and fruits. This way, they can customize and personalize their own fruit/yogurt bowls while maintaining their health. Of course, these stations are great for encouraging employees to eat healthy with yogurt. Absolutely, DIY yogurt, granola, and fruit bows provide reduced costs, variety, and health to your employees.

Continental Breakfasts

Continental breakfasts are one of the most cost-effective breakfast catering ideas. Many caterers offering continental breakfasts offer several levels, allowing you to determine the best for your office’s specific needs. Often, they include a variety of fruit juices, such as apple and orange, assorted baked breakfast goods, as well as seasonal fruits. Additionally, several include coffee, tea, and assorted cereals. Certainly, continental breakfasts provide variety at one of the cheapest price points possible.

Bagged Catering

Bagged breakfast is an additional cheap catering option that offers employees options in a prepackaged, grab-and-go format. There are several breakfast options involved, such as hardboiled egg sandwiches paired with assorted fruits and spreads. These options come individually portioned and packaged, so there’s less cleanup and everyone receives their own choices. Additionally, these options often involves impressive, professional presentation. Moreover, you can use the same services and benefits when catering a business lunch for smoother meetings. Definitely, bagged catered breakfasts provide robust individual options that reduce cleanup costs and time.

Breakfast Potlucks

Breakfast potlucks are the cheapest catering option for morning people. In fact, they’re completely free, as your employees are supplying the breakfast. By asking employees to cook and bring their own dishes, you maximize the variety in options, as well. Options include anything from breakfast pizza and homemade granola bars to fruit platters as well as monkey breads. Having a kitchen in your office often reduces prep time, and offering a prize for best dish motivates employees to participate. Of course, breakfast potlucks offer unlimited variety at the lowest possible price point: free.

There is a myriad of cheap breakfast catering options for morning people. For example, self-serve stations allow employees to personalize their meals at reduced labor costs. DIY yogurt, granola, and fruit bowls also offer personalization at reduced labor costs, and are healthier. Continental breakfasts provide robust variety at a significantly reduced price point. Bagged catered breakfasts are individually packaged and portioned, so there’s less cleanup time. Finally, breakfast potlucks are completely free and offer a wide variety of breakfast options. When searching for cheap breakfast catering ideas, consider the ideas described above.

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