5 Content Marketing Network Channels For Optimal Promotion

In order for a small company to grow into an international sensation, they need to utilize the top content marketing network channels available. Business owners rely on marketing professionals like yourself to take advantage of these beneficial platforms. With that being said, you need to familiarize yourself with the most advantageous ones. Then, you can start to expand your target audience overseas and beat out your competitors in the process. Continue reading to learn about the best content marketing network channels for optimal promotion.


Companies succeed in growing their audience bases when they use Facebook. While it can be difficult to determine where to advertise online, social media is a great starting point. Facebook in particular is a content marketing channel that may not be a new phenomena in the social media world, but it is more effectiveness than ever. Consumers all over the world use Facebook to stay in touch with relatives across the world, post life updates and, most importantly, discover new brands. Use Facebook’s marketing tools to engage with new potential customers. One of the most advantageous features the social media channel offers is Facebook groups. By starting a group, you create a safe place for interested users to go to discuss your products or services. You can even join other groups that are relevant to your industry. Either way, you will succeed in promoting your brand.


Another highly advantageous content marketing network channels is podcasts. Thanks to a wide array of digital streaming services available to users across the globe, you can reach billions of consumers through podcasting. This networking channel makes your information more convenient for consumers who are constantly on the go. They can listen to you talk about niche-specific topics while driving to work, as they workout or even when they are going to bed. You do not need to hire a content marketing agency to succeed in advertising your products/services on podcasts. Listen to other companies’ podcasts within your industry for ideas. Then, reach out to all types of consumers at any time of day by utilizing this content marketing network platform.


Furthermore, consider creating a blog to network your content. When marketing professionals offer quality content on blogs, they open up doors to attract new consumers on an international scale. Blogs enable marketers to provide consumers with photos, written content and videos. Consumers typically enjoy viewing several forms of content at once, which is why blogging is so effective. It is also effective because you and consumers alike can share blogs as well as specific blog posts easily. Simply include social media and email buttons on your blog so that anyone can market your blog for you. Include blogs in your content marketing network strategy to promote your brand better.


Use Instagram as a content marketing network channel as well. The social media platform offers numerous tools that marketing professionals use to promote their brands. However, one tool stands out among the rest: Instagram Ads. Now, you can advertise your brand to consumers who do not follow your page. If you choose to promote your posts, they will appear on users’ feeds as sponsored content. In other words, Instagram makes reaching prospective customers easier than ever. To top it off, consumers across the globe use the social channel, making it a perfect content marketing network platform.


Finally, consider using email as a content marketing network channel for brand promotion. Similar to the other platforms mentioned, email enables you to reach consumers anywhere in the world. An advantage that you can gain from using email to market your content is that consumers receive notifications. Most consumers set up their emails so that they get alerts on their mobile devices each time they receive a new email. Take advantage of this promotional element by creating subject lines that persuade consumers to open your emails. Launch newsletter campaigns, send product releases and offer infographics to attract consumers. Many marketers also purchase video email software to fully take advantage of this content marketing network channel.

In order to grow your brand, you need to use the best content marketing network platforms. Facebook, for example, offers marketers numerous opportunities to reach consumers near and far. Create podcasts to get information to more prospective customers. Establish a blog so that you can offer consumers multiple forms of content to persuade them to purchase your products. Instagram enables marketers to advertise their brands to users who do not even follow their pages. Furthermore, email has yet to lose its effect in the global marketing world. Use these content marketing network channels to promote your brand effectively.

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