5 Types Of Custom Point Of Purchase Displays That Engage Consumers

When marketing a product, custom point of purchase displays offer visually stunning and engaging advertisements while remaining functional. A product manufacturer like yourself needs to know how to employ point of purchase displays to ensure that you advertise your product effectively. Your choice in display is just as important as the product you are trying to sell. This means that you need to know about the different options you have. Read on to learn about the most engaging types of custom point of purchase displays.

Endcap Displays

Endcap point of purchase displays are a great way to advertise any product. These displays are placed between the aisles to grab people’s attention as they walk through the store. Endcap displays are ideal if you have multiple products to advertise or a new product that requires some explaining. You have the option to create an entire display that fits into the endcap space or design smaller displays that sit on the shelves. If you are looking to create a longer lasting endcap display, choose steel as the design material instead of the typical cardboard. Then, you will be able to advertise business products long-term. When creating custom point of purchase displays, using endcaps is a smart way to show off and explain your product.

Gravity Feed Displays

Additionally, gravity feed displays can be just as versatile as endcap displays. These displays function exactly how they sound. You fill the products from the top and gravity brings them out at the bottom for the customer to take. This display is perfect for smaller products or snacks like little toys or candy. If your product is sold in bags or stacked poorly on the shelf, then a gravity feed display is a great choice for you. These displays are especially effective at getting the attention of children. Gravity feed displays are ideal for custom point of purchase displays when you are advertising small or awkwardly shaped products.

Counter-Top Displays

Counter-top displays take advantage of impulse-buy advertising by showcasing your products to the customer as they checkout. These displays come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. This allows you to choose the most effective way to show off your product. Like gravity feed displays, counter-top displays are great for smaller items like candy bars or products that would not present well on shelves. If you have a special edition product or a product with wide-ranging competition, a counter-top display is a powerful way to set yourself apart. If you use the best product naming secrets, you can attract customers and sell your items effectively with this type of display. As you research what custom point of purchase displays work best for you, consider counter-top displays for your smaller or impulse-driven products.

Permanent Displays

With the right materials, you can implement any of these displays permanently. Though permanent in point of purchase displays typically means 1-3 years, a permanent display is long-lasting and has high quality. Because of the materials they are made from, permanent displays are often more appealing to customers. They are usually made to resemble kiosks or “mini stores”. If you have a product that you want to showcase for a long period of time, then a permanent display is a must-have. When creating custom point of purchase displays, consider a permanent display for products you wish to advertise for at least a year or so.

Interactive Displays

If you are looking to really standout among your competition, use interactive point of purchase displays to capture the attention of customers. Consider how effective interactive digital brochures are when you send them to consumers online. You can receive the same effects in-person with the best interactive displays. They allow customers to interact with your product instead of just looking at it. An interactive display does the job of a salesperson by attracting customers and engaging them with the product. These displays allow customers to tryout the product or view testimonial videos of actual users. You create a relationship between your product and your customer this way. If you are creating custom point of purchase displays, consider interactive displays to offer customers an immersive experience.

Knowing about the different types of custom point of purchase displays allows you to maximize your advertisement effectiveness. Endcap displays are great for new products that require some explanation. For smaller or unstackable products, use gravity feed or counter-top displays to grab the attention of customers. If you plan to showcase your product for a long time, consider a permanent display for its high-quality appeal. Finally, to quickly foster a relationship between your product and your customer, use interactive displays. Knowing these most engaging types of custom point of purchase displays allows you to advertise your product successfully.

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