How To Become An Accountant After Completing Your Degree


An accountant is a professional person who is trained in bookkeeping, auditing and analyzing financial accounts. Some accountants may operate as part of a big four accounting firm, while others may choose to work independently. If you are interested in becoming an accountant, you have come to the right place. In order to become an accountant, you will need to undergo extensive training to prepare you for the certification exams. For a more in-depth explanation on how to become an accountant, keep reading below.

Step 1: Your Education

The first and most important step you must take to become an accountant is to receive a proper education. There are many online accounting course options you can choose from to become an accountant, so it is particularly important that you find what works for you. If you would like to save money, consider attending a two-year college to receive your associate’s degree in accounting. You may also find that a four-year college is a better choice for you, as it will provide more time to learn about the accounting field. If you already completed an undergraduate business degree, then you can see why an MBA might be worth it for you. Additionally, online accounting schools are available for anyone who wishes to become a certified accountant. Each education program has benefits and disadvantages regarding cost, time and experience. However, they will all teach you basics like T Accounts. Consider which option is right for you so that you can take the first step toward becoming a CPA.

Step 2: Your State Requirements

After you have chosen the right accounting program for you, it is important to begin thinking about your future plans. Do you want to move across the country and start an accounting firm elsewhere? Do you want to stay in your home down? Do you want to work in the next state over? You have to consider these options because the requirements to become a licensed accountant vary by state. In order to become certified, you will have to take an accountant exam in every state you hope to work in. Thankfully, the exam is uniform throughout the country. However, you may find that some states require more work experience than others. Similar to incorporating a business in the best state, you will have to plan ahead. This is why it is important to make these decisions before you finish school. If you want to become an accountant in NY, NJ or another state, you will need to research their requirements and take action.

Step 3: Your Options

The next step you must take to become an accountant is to understand your options. While you are taking part in an accounting program, you may soon learn that there are many different types of accountants. Consider what accounting field is right for you. Generally, accountants can be categorized into four broad groups: public accountants, management accountants, government accountants and internal auditors. Each of these positions have their own special qualities and accounting software that may speak to an individual’s talents or interests. Do some research on these four accounting fields and try to decide which one works best for you. Keep in mind, these are categories. With an accounting background, you can still work your way into a business analyst role as companies appreciate your accounting foundation. Then, you can move on to the final step in becoming an accountant.

Step 4: Your License

After you have completed your education and received the necessary work experience in your chosen field it is time to get licensed. Step two plays an important role in your success here. Be sure that you have confirmed your state’s requirements before you begin taking the CPA exam. Once you are certain that you have completed all of the necessary tasks and paperwork you are ready to become a licensed accounting professional. As long as you have studied hard prior to your exam and followed the steps above, you should not have any trouble completing CPA certification requirements.

If you want to become an accountant, there is no better time to start than today. Begin your journey by choosing the proper education program for you, and soon you will be well on your way to becoming a CPA. Consider the advice above as you are determining a plan of action. As long as you work hard and follow the steps above, you will become an accountant!

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