New AI Lead Generation Tools Use Real Time Prospecting Data To Improve Conversion Rates


Marketing is more challenging than ever with growing competition, innovative strategies and increasing costs. How is a savvy marketer supposed to stay head? Businesses looking to attract consumers while fighting to gain a marketing edge require new and improved lead generation tools. Marketing managers and professionals are constantly looking for faster and smarter ways to gain brand recognition. With online marketing gaining prominence, lead generation tools are growing in popularity. In case you do not know what a sales lead is, find out from our What Is A Sales Lead post for beginners.

Lead generation in marketing refers to the process of using leads to generate consumer interest. A lead is a person or organization potentially interested in a product or service. Leads can come from telemarketers, referrals, advertisements, or other events. E-mail is becoming a popular channel for lead generation. The Internet, a database, a service or a computer software is also used to generate leads. To convert leads into customers, it is important to find high quality leads with lead generation tools.

Here is a list of lead generation tools that can help attract high quality leads, especially when doing online marketing:

A/B Testing Platforms

A/B testing platforms are an effective lead generation tool to attract inbound leads. A/B testing compares two versions of a web page to decide which one is better. Testing platforms like Unbounce help gain best results from marketing e-mails, landing pages, advertisements and more. HubSpot points out that A/B testing increases lead generation efforts by 40%.

Sales AI

Artificial intelligence tools are one of the newest lead generation tools available. There have been few applications of AI for sales processes until now, besides Amazon repricing software. New lead generation technology makes use of a huge list of contacts and artificial intelligence to develop effective outbound lead generation emails. Writing lead generating emails takes a lot of time and effort that often does not produce comparable results. With the help of AI lead generation tools, you can easily attract high quality leads while your sales team does more important work to close deals.

Real-Time Prospecting Data

Real-time prospecting data is a highly recommended lead generation source. Browser-based tools like Unomy, InsideView and Avention help marketers get real-time data on businesses. Platforms like these provide information on business profiles, technologies, social profiles, investments, contact information and much more.

Social Media Platforms

Professional social media websites can be great lead generation tools. For instance, LinkedIn Advertising helps marketing content reach a wider audience base. It also helps marketers reach more leads. A marketing professional can create and place ads where they are most likely to be seen. Furthermore, he or she can define the target audience by job function, job title, geography, industry and several other parameters.

Gated Videos

Gated videos are effective tools for lead generation as well. Gated videos include an e-mail collection at any point in the video. Many times, visitors will have to enter their email to view the video. E-mail capture tools like Turnstile integrate gated content and provide options to customize the content displayed.

User Behavior Tools

User behavior tools are another source of lead generation online. Tools like PadiAct provide information on audience behavior. With the visitors behavior analyzed, marketing professionals can target new users based on the number of times they have visited a page, the amount of time they spent on a page and other helpful criteria. These tools can also be used on any sales app you have in addition to websites.

Integrated Questionnaires

Lead generation tools can help your business collect feedback. Obtaining feedback from audience is helpful in gaining quality leads. Tools like Qualaroo enable integrating questionnaires into websites, social media posts, blog posts and e-mails. Marketers can use the answers to make better decisions about how to attract more leads.

LiveChat Feature

Another one of the best lead generation tools is the livechat feature. Programs like Intercom Acquire can be configured to pop up a live messenger box when a user has browsed your website or a particular item for a specified amount of time. If the browser responds, someone on your customer service or sales team can immediately respond to any questions they may have. This is an excellent way of generating leads and will definitely help to close deals easier, without having to learn all of the PowerPoint tips Lee Jackson has to offer.

Some of the other popular online lead generation tools include Twitter lead cards, Quora questions and SlideShare presentations. For offline tools, marketers can engage in business promotion on television, industry events, referrals, reviews and cold calling. Of course, there are many ways to generate leads. However, the best lead generation tools can be found above for online businesses.

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