5 Best Live Streaming TV Options For Small Business Owners

There are many potential reasons why a business would want television service. It could be for the employees to watch on their breaks, or watching could be a part of their job description. Customers would appreciate something to watch in a business where they would need to wait, as well. As a business owner, navigating the myriad of television services and channels can seem like a daunting task. However, live streaming TV options have become an essential digital technology benefiting your workplace. Read on for some highlights of the best television live streaming options for your business.


YouTube is an essential live streaming TV option to consider for your business. Though it is pricier than some of the other options, YouTube TV offers the best bang for your buck. Depending on your market, you’ll be getting a mostly complete suite of local channels for your business to benefit from. In addition, it uses the same UI as the YouTube website, which is very intuitive and easy to use. However, it lacks a few notable channels and networks like the CW, A&E, and Lifetime. However, it is very likely that YouTube TV covers all the bases you need covered in your business.


Before selecting a live streaming TV option for your business, be sure to consider Hulu. While YouTube TV is more of a jack-of-all trades, Hulu specializes in more targeted content. Hulu’s main draw is all of its on-demand content, though it has a less robust offering of live TV than YouTube TV. Notable channels such as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and AMC are missing from the live channel lineup, though many of their shows can be found on demand. However, if your business needs sports such as baseball, basketball, (American) football, or hockey to be streamed, Hulu probably is not a good fit. For example, an owner of a sports bar or restaurant may need to have continual high-quality sports coverage. Of course, it is up to you to decide whether the loss of some content from this streaming service will impact your business.


If your business is looking to spend as little as possible on a TV streaming service, Philo is the most affordable entertainment expense available at this time. Plus, Philo contains a surprising amount of content. This streaming TV provider includes many of the channels that are noticeably absent from other services, such as Comedy Central, A&E, MTV, and AMC. However, it does not include any local or sports channels. The cheaper price point makes Philo a great secondary service to subscribe to since it can cover any content gaps left by your main television service. Pairing another service with Philo is definitely a great way to get all the content your business needs to thrive.


FuboTV is by far the best service to get if you need specialized sports content streaming in your business. It offers over 100 channels, including some that the competitors lack. Because its primary focus is on live and on-demand sports, FuboTV is perfect for owners of sports-related businesses. Additionally, some of their live streaming channels are offered in multiple languages.  If your business is sport-focused or you have a bunch of sports fans on staff, FuboTV would be a great streaming addition to your establishment.


Sling offers a wide variety of streaming channels to appeal to a broad audience. In fact, it does provide a suite of networks that caters to children. Some of the channels include Cartoon Network, Nick Jr. and the Disney Channel. This makes Sling a great addition to a daycare facility or pediatrician’s office. However, there are very few local channels available, with most locations only getting FOX/Univision affiliates. With its diverse channel selection, Sling seems to be a good fit for businesses with a varied clientele.

You could need entertainment at your business for any number of reasons, and there are so many streaming services that there is one for anything you could possibly need. The best live streaming options help you upgrade your business premises for the perfect work environment. YouTube TV is an incredible jack-of-all-trades to cover all the content bases you need. Hulu will provide more specialized and on-demand content, for a cheaper price and less robust live offerings. However, the less robust offerings could very well be supplemented by the very affordable Philo. If your business deals in sports, FuboTV is great option for in-depth, hardcore fans. Finally, SlingTV is a great option for any business that has a diversified customer base. Consider the pros and cons of the above services to find the best fit for your business.

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