5 Crucial Marketing Attribution Software Features To Automate Analytics

Marketing attribution data is a key component for developing and deploying successful digital marketing campaigns. However, it can be difficult to track marketing attribution if you do not have the right automation technology in place. Thankfully, there are a ton of marketing attribution software solutions that are available to businesses of all sizes if you want to improve your business marketing outcomes. If you are a business owner who needs to find the best marketing attribution tools for your organization, you want to be certain that it has the five features listed below. This way, your business can benefit from a comprehensive marketing automation software that makes operations more efficient.

Revenue Planning

The best attribution software will offer revenue planning tools. These features make it easier to understand potential future marketing outcomes based on the actions taken by your marketing department. This makes it possible to impact those campaign outcomes based on the high fidelity forecast offered by revenue planning features. If you want to be able to better plan digital marketing ad spend in advance, make sure to only consider the marketing attribution tools that include revenue planning features.

Competitive Intelligence

Omni-channel marketing attribution tracking solutions should also provide insight into the competition’s behavior. Otherwise, you will not be able to identify areas of weakness for your business to capitalize on with your digital advertising campaigns. Competitive intelligence features allow you to track the performance of your campaigns versus top competitors and industry influencers. The best software will also provide advice and recommendations based on the competitive analysis data and your business’ previous performance. If you want to gain a competitive advantage for business, do not consider any marketing analytics and attribution software that does not include these competitive analysis features.

Media Tracking

Media tracking tools are also a necessary element of effective digital marketing analytics software. Media mentions tracking features allows business owners to learn about their own press coverage in millennial media outlets and others. It also makes it possible to track the competition’s media coverage. This allows you to figure out existing outreach strategy problems to create improvements to your PR performance. If you want to learn about your business’s marketing weaknesses to make much-needed improvements to your media outreach strategies, be sure to purchase a marketing intelligence software with news monitoring features.

Industry Specialization

Industry specialization matters when you are deciding between top digital marketing analysis tools. Certain programs are tailored for different types of businesses. Some of these marketing attribution tools are best used for ecommerce business analytics. Other solutions are tailored to use in enterprise sized operations. Consider the size of your business and your business model to determine the best marketing attribution solutions that help you increase sales and improve ROI on ad spend.

Goal Tracking

Goal tracking is a must-have feature for any and all marketing automation solutions. Tracking progress towards marketing goals achievement every single day helps you realize desired outcomes sooner. It presents marketing employees with a daily reminder of what they are working towards. These goal tracking tools also make it easier to identify problems as soon as they arise. This obviously gives you the ability to deploy fixes as quickly as possible in order to avoid wasted resources. If you want to buy a marketing analytics software that makes it possible to realize marketing objectives quicker and easier, buy a program that includes goal tracking features.

Many business owners want to automate marketing processes wherever possible. This helps to free up more of your work day for the operations that impact profit margins directly. That is why coupon management software is so popular. Digital marketing attribution programs can also help you automate the marketing attribution tasks that can be incredibly time-consuming for even the most experienced marketing professionals. Make sure to only consider the top marketing attribution software options that include the features above. These marketing attribution software features will help you select a comprehensive marketing tool that improves outcomes for years to come.

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