Millennial Media Publishing Platforms To Reach The Next Generation Now


Millennials are the fastest growing generation of consumers. As a business owner, it is important that you know how to optimize your sales process and market your product or service to this generation. Millennial media is different from earlier forms of media in that it must be short and immediately eye catching. Here are the top 5 millennial media platforms you should consider using when marketing to millennials.


Over 80% of millennials have a Facebook account, meaning this is a great way to reach potential customers in this customer segmentation. This is a particularly effective form of millennial media. Facebook is used by many generations of users. Content can be shared easily between different age groups. This provides you the opportunity to interact with other generations in addition to millennials. Consider Facebook as one platform of millennial media for your business.


Around 60% of millennials have a Twitter account, making it slightly less active than Facebook.  However, it is still an excellent platform for millennial media. The beauty of Twitter is its character limits. These require all posts to be short and sweet, the perfect format to engage millennials. There are a number of celebrities that use Twitter to reach a large audience of millennials. If you can get a celebrity Twitter endorsement, you could reach millions of millennials instantly. When considering millennial media to use in marketing your business, make sure you create a Twitter handle and update frequently.


Millennials may not use traditional forms of news media such as newspaper websites or printed news media on office paper. However, that does not mean they do not wish to keep up with news. 85% of millennials say that keeping up with news is at least somewhat important to them. Instead of utilizing traditional outlets, millennials prefer websites and blogs. Blogs are generally more concise than traditional news websites. This makes them more attractive to millennials. Blogs also use engaging language that encourages readers to share content. If you wish to use millennial media, make sure you have a blog on your website. If this is not an option, find a way to have your product featured on a blog that attracts millennials. Utilizing this type of media outlet will encourage millennial engagement.

Mobile Ads

Millennials love mobile devices. Whether it be a smartphone or a tablet, it is rare to find millennials that do not own one, if not several, of these devices. This makes mobile ads an excellent form of millennial media. Free apps depend on mobile ad revenue in order to offer their app for free. If you are looking to invest in millennial media, check out mobile ad options.

Streaming Media

Streaming media is another form of millennial media, particularly audio and video. YouTube, Hulu and other video streaming platforms are frequently accessed by millennials. You should have a YouTube video that is easily found by searching the web. In addition, consider running ads on video streaming platforms such as Hulu. The same can be said for audio streaming platforms such as Spotify, Pandora and Soundcloud. Many millennials do not use physical analog media. Instead, they rely heavily on streaming digital media to get their audio fix. Create a short audio ad for these platforms to reach millennial customers. Millennial media, such as streaming audio and video, are a good way for business owners to reach a vast audience of millennials.

The Millennial Media Company

Millennial media is more than just the media that businesses can use to engage the millennial generation of consumers. Millennial Media is actually a company that is now a part of ONE by AOL. Together, these companies are trying to streamline technology to improve client and user experience. Millennial Media’s Publisher will be integrating into the ONE by AOL product suite. If you manage media creation and management using Millennial Media Publisher, you may want to be aware of this change. Your login and product console will not be affected, but you will certainly want to stay tuned to learn of more simplifications coming from ONE by AOL and Millennial Media for Mobile.

Millennials have influenced many changes in business. This is particularly true of marketing. Business owners wishing to reach potential millennial customers should consider the millennial media platforms in this post. You will be better able to engage with a millennial audience, especially with the help of Facebook analytics features.

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