5 Practical Uses For Office Containers As Working Space

Commercial real estate can be an expensive endeavor and the reason why astute operations managers are discovering practical uses for office containers. You may be tempted to gravitate toward the standard brick and mortar option with space available on almost every corner. However, office containers have diverse functional applications in the business world. This can be evidenced by how quickly they are becoming a popular space solution. Recently, office space trends have identified a major preference to utilize office containers. Office containers are available in several standard sizes but can be customized to meet your company’s space requirements. Keep in mind that you will need room on your property to house the container. If you are an operations professional looking for workspace options, read on for some practical uses for office containers.

Office Space

The most obvious reason to purchase or lease one of these repurposed shipping vessels is for temporary or permanent office space. Whether you are in the market to own or rent, office containers are an economical option. In fact, they are so reasonably priced that you may have an asset on your books rather than another operational expense. Additionally, leasing shipping containers as office space does not require long-term commitments. Thus, they are ideal for a temporary workplace solution. Moreover, you may want to consider this option if your company has plans to move since these containers are portable. Also, office containers can be outfitted with built-in furniture like desks and shelving making them ideal for office space.

Restroom Facilities

When thinking about office containers, restroom facilities may not be in the forefront of your mind. But they are practical and do provide a much more pleasant experience compared to mobile options. In fact, equipping these vessels with bathroom amenities on temporary jobsites has boosted employee morale and improved efficiencies. This is because the containers can be prepared with plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems which delivers a conventional bathroom experience. As an operations professional, you can choose to furnish the restroom with fixtures like sinks, toilets, urinals and bidets. Besides, you know that having access to running water promotes better hygiene and a more sanitary environment.

A Break Room

Another real-world use for office containers involves setting up the space as a break room. Sensible operations professionals understand the need for downtime and provide reasonable accommodations for employees. Very simply, you can power the vessel with electric and install typical appliances found in a kitchen-like setting. With a standard hookup, you will also be able to include TVs in addition to the microwave and coffee maker. Operations managers with an eye for aesthetics can further tailor the space with a fresh coat of paint. In addition, you can add personal touches like comfy chairs, decorations and games. Whether your building is lacking room or you are managing space at a remote jobsite, using an office container as a break room is a feasible option.


An untouched office container offers complete open space and is a perfect area for storage. Regardless, even this space may need some customizations to meet your storage requirements. Maybe you want shelving installed for boxes of important documents. Perhaps it is essential to keep larger items in the office container. In this case, operations professionals may decide to have a roll-up door installed in the storage unit for easy access. If you require special lighting for your storeroom, the container vendors can accommodate that request as well. Operations managers in the market for storage should consider office containers as a viable alternative to standalone facilities.

Control Rooms

Utilizing the space available in repurposed shipping vessels as control rooms is a functional application. Operations professionals recognize the critical nature of this type of space and its need for special attention. After all, it contains an abundance of equipment that can fail if the environment is not closely monitored. Fortunately, container companies are able to offer customizations that successfully convert office containers into control rooms. From heavy duty HVAC systems to fireproof insulation, they produce the environment to protect your equipment. Many boast that they are able to create suitable control rooms for companies in all industries.

Operations managers should look at office containers as a blank canvas. When properly chosen, office containers can greatly improve your work environment. With a multitude of custom-built options, you can make the vessel into the space you need. In fact, you can combine any number of different spaces in one office container. Operations professionals with a vision can utilize them for office space with restroom facilities and a break room. If you find yourself needing more space for storage or control rooms, the container vendors will work with you to customize your container further. This makes office containers an extremely versatile option for workspaces. Plus, they are economical and portable. Operations professionals should consider the points in this post for practical uses for office containers.

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