5 Types Of Commercial Office Space Chicago For Rent

There are many different types of commercial office space in Chicago available for rent. Companies are retraining top employees by seeking alternatives to traditional office space layouts. According to research, most employees want to be back in the office at least once a week since the pandemic. This has piqued interest in atypical commercial workplace layouts. In a major city like Chicago, companies are seeking creative designs for office spaces. As a business owner, you should find a working environment that suits the needs of your team. In this article, we’ll cover the different types of commercial office space Chicago available for rent.

Creative Office Space

Businesses seeking office space in Chicago should consider a creative workplace layout. Creative office spaces usually include wood floors, high ceilings, large windows, and fewer walls and private offices. Emphasize collaboration by renting this type of space. Additionally, creative office spaces promote transparency. Your business will establish better communication between managers and employees with a creative office design. In addition, some businesses also creatively implement office noise cancellation to improve productivity. Furthermore, companies can also maximize space efficiency with this layout. With an open floor plan, you can fit more employees in rows or tables than in traditional private offices. A creative office design is one type of office space in Chicago available for rent.

Cubicle Office Layouts

Your company may want to consider renting cubicle office spaces in Chicago. Cubicle layouts are a blend of open-plan and private offices. Your company will need to consider natural lighting and workplace noise for this design. Additionally, your company will want to consider partition size. Company employees will have more privacy with floor-to-ceiling partitions. Moreover, your work environment won’t be as noisy with screen dividers, sound panels and other office interiors. If you want more natural light in your office space, consider half-partitions. Finally, check to see if your Chicago municipality mandates certain cubicle designs. Certainly, consider cubicle layouts when seeking office space in Chicago.

Contiguous Offices

Contiguous working environments are an alternative type of office space in Chicago. A contiguous design describes two separate office spaces that are adjacent to each other. Contiguous spaces work for companies seeking different-sized offices. Your business can lessen workplace distractions by renting this type of office. For example, you can place all your quality office copiers in one space to implement a quiet environment next door. With a contiguous layout, you will also prevent your office from becoming densely populated. Companies with two distinct departments should also consider a contiguous layout. This design will allow you to keep important business functions separate. Contiguous layouts are another type of office space in Chicago your business can rent.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are another useful type of office space in Chicago. By using coworking desks, your employees can work next to other businesses in large communal offices. Typically, you would have one large desk in the middle of the office. Coworking spaces also enable your company to use hotdesking. Essentially, your employees work in any available space and remove everything from their desk at the end of the day. You can also rent dedicated desks and stay at the same workspace for a period of tenancy. Your business will be more cost-effective adopting the coworking space model. Certainly, look into coworking spaces available for rent in Chicago.

Managed Office

Managed layouts are another type of office space in Chicago that may fit your business needs. These offices are fully-equipped work environments that have facility-management teams. With a management team, your business won’t have to worry about cleaning the office, internet quality, reception, and backup electricity. Conveniently, managed layouts come in various sizes. Your business can take advantage of a larger managed layout or a compact space if needed. Your company can also customize the office space. Additionally, managed layouts are a great option if you are frequently downscaling or upscaling your company. This way, you can rent an office with scalability that fits your financial budget. Managed layouts are an efficient option for companies seeking office space in Chicago.

There are many different types of office spaces in Chicago available for rent. With creative office space, your company will enable effective collaboration and an open floor plan. Next, cubicle layouts provide privacy and promote individualism. Then, contiguous offices can reduce workplace distractions and separate different business components. Coworking spaces work best if you are looking to reduce costs and promote strong communication throughout the work day. Finally, a manged office allows a company to downscale or upscale quickly. These are the different types of office spaces in Chicago available to rent.

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